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It is possible to associate each employee with clients dealing with him. I want for every employee to see only invoice for his clients.

Thank you

Hi, yes it can be done with customization. Please send us a ticket. We can further assist you. Thanks

i want to buy ! but manage sales-> new sales is continue loading ! what the problem ?

Hi, let us check the demo and get back to you. Thanks

I want to buy , if you can add features to show the number of stock products when customers place an order with their own logins user ?

Hi, we were on holiday last week due to eid vacation. yes these features can be included. Please send us a request in our support. Our support team will be able to provide you with a quote. Thanks

Hello, I would like to have few enhancements like email notifications, changes to order page etc. I tried to submit a request but the link provided is not working.

Hi, can you send us a ticket with details, we can assist you. Thanks

Hello! I like the script and i will use it in another way what its meant to be used for. Though there is 1 thing missing, cause we have a lot of products when the Purchuased staff is signing in and to make a new order I cant see that he can choose wich category he wants to order from.

I would like the purchuaser to be able to choose for example electronics and all the electronics comes up….

Guess theres no such thing?

Hi, right now there is not such functionality. It will be available in future updates. Thanks

I want to buy this program, whether it can be adjusted and supplemented in accordance with its i needed (custom) ?

Hi, yes it can be custom done. Please send your required custom request as a ticket in our support. Our support team will assist you. Thanks

I bought the template 8 days ago and they sent me incomplete project, .css files missing. I created two tickets in their webpage but I have not been anwer.

They lack a lot of professionalism, I hope they answer me before 6 months!!!

Hi, css files may be missing due to your permission error. All the files are included in the project. Can you provide us your ftp access. We will take a look. Thanks

in order_invoice_view.php and purchase_invoice_view.php add this before content division--

<style type=”text/css”> @media print { body * { visibility: hidden; } #content, #content * { visibility: visible; } #content { position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; } }</style>

to print only invoice.

Thanks :)


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Hi can you please respond to the my help post ? we need to get this up and running this week. We are having lost of errors after install . Anything we attempt to add or change in the back end we are getting errors kicking out. I can give login to fpt once i get email message back to this email. thanks ..


rdukes Purchased

This is not so fast post sale support. We wrote about 4 supports email on DEV site and still no respond. We are having lots of bugs with installations and db tables responses.


rdukes Purchased

Hi wonder will it be possible to enter your own product codes and not let the system generate it automatically. It would be nice to have product matching manufacture’s code not some random codes as it will not be usefuly to search by factory code….. please advice how if possible…


rdukes Purchased

Folks support for this app sucks I bought the app and wrote about 10 email requesting support no responses I am piss at such services, So advised wasting your money like i did on this app. .

Hi, we are updating our support system. That’s why it was delay in support. We are checking with your issues now. Thanks

Dear All greetings we are interested in your system but we one to know if you could provide us with some modification on it such as - RTL support because the Arabic language is what we use - We need the system to work on a local drive and sync with the system online on the hosted server due to the situation in our country now days the internet is not reliable and we could set a numbering and items number so that the data won’t conflict !! what i mean if some one is adding lets say a new item when the internet is off and at the same time someone is using the system online adding another item under the same category most likely the system on the both sides will issue the same number so form my point of view we could ad may be OL to items number when the system is off line - the system needs to count the items price average ,, when adding a new item with its price under the same category the pice mite vary from day to day so we need the invoice when distributing the item to count the average between all the item category price

please let us know if this is possible and how long would it take to be finished and your fees thanks alot

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Curently RTL is not supported. But you can use it in our local servers. It doesn’t require online connection to run this software. Thanks

i want buy but why not have low stock ????

Hi, it is for the demo purpose. Can you explain, what you mean by low stock? Thanks

I want to buy your product but do you have a video about setup settings ? If so do you skip link ?

Hi, you don’t have any videos. but if you buy our product you will get the installation instruction on the pack. If you face any problem, we can assist you. Thanks

hi i bought yout script. when i creat an invoice i can not delete it again. how can i fix it ?

Hi, it won’t be a issue. Can you send a ticket with ftp details. We will take a look. Thanks

Hi, will you include MRP module and Job Costings?

Hi, currently it is not included. Can you give a detailed description about this. We will include it in the future update. Thanks

hi , i can’t access your live demo, could you check that ? database error

Hi, it is fixed now. Can you test. Thanks

demo is not working