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why does it say Infinity when trying to have user buy bitcoin ?

The user module does not work for me. I think it’s the .haccess file. could you help me ?

Yes contact me via email.

Hi, I see the balance on the panel, but in the script didn’t show me the transactions, how can I fix the problem? I’m interested on work directly with the blockchain, does it have any other aditional cost? how much it is? how many time? do you install the service?

No, profits must go to your address. I told you, you can check your transactions from your account and will see where go your profits, becousue the entered comission was transfered like normal transaction… You also can check code to see is configurated to get address entered in your Admin Panel -> API Keys…

the code is there, the money not, where is going the profits money ?

Did you check your Transactions?

When I proceed to send bitcoin within the system an internal error 500 on the server

Send me hosting access via email.

Can you give me your email to send you the hosting?

My friend you have a terrible support policy, I’m waiting for my support, the script didn’t work, I installed and check avery pre requisite to install it and even with all the info according to the info you gave in the package the script didn’t work. I can see the balance on the account but in the script (website where is installed) there’s no transactions. I have been checking all the comments and you always ask for the server user and password, we are going to work with people money and its hard to trust someone who don’t give an appropiate support. I need to solve the problem. I even asked you for install another script to other server if that will work,, but no answer from you have received

Now will add cron file to cron jobs and will see your transactions

cron jobs was addes as installation file mentioned, still not working

I was waiting since 5 days ago to write a review about how excellent is working the script, but I can’t do it, because the script still not working as should. First in the site I installed as the installation file mentioned but some aditional information must be done to the site works. Now, the site show the transactions but surprise, no profits are send. So you have a site and pay for a script, easy install but here I am, still waiting for the support to know where are going the site profits. 2 month paying hosting fees, domain name fees, script fees, and can’t have any profits. Still waiting

I have problem with the Forgot Password section ?. I get the email to restart the key but I click the link and it directs me to the login page. I want you to help me, I have sent you many emails and I do not get a reply

Give me access via email

Hello, I am interested in buying this product, is it possible to add features so that it can also operate as an exchange site with escrow account like the one at Remitano. Infact I want features like remitano.

hi ! it would be nice from you if you answer me after one month my emails or Skype since we had deal !

i have buy a version of the script from a other account. and frist now have time to test it. the install whats simple no hard stuff in that . then after it is done install i setup the api code then i whats in that beliv the system more or less whats ready to go. i make a user account all working in that part. next part is to make a “New address” it make a pop up and i klick on “create” and no more happen from here. i have try to debug on it but cant see what the problem is. i will be happy to hear from you what can it be is the the script outdate to or ?


it has been sent to you.

mr me4onkof whats the time tablet on it. i post it just after you ask but i see that you not have the time to look it to it. so i will be so much happy to here whats the time table are on it Thanks.

hey me4onkof i whats thinking if you are so bussy is it better for me to get a guy from workup website to make your script so it is working ? i whats in that beliv when you ask for the login info data that you will look on it right away but here 4 days later i still stand in same problem. can you let me know if i higer a programmer to look on your script or you will take care of it but then i need a time frame


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mr me4onkof i got a guy from upwork to look on your scipt and fix the bug or what the problems is . he has fix the problems there is on it. so it is working now.

it is sad when you make a good script that the support is so bad as it is. i am not the only one there has sent email to you when you ask about it. i will be happy if you work on that “better support” then i will love to buy more of your script.

my problems what here i hop it can help other clients

the issue was in /httpdocs/wallet/includes/block_io.php line 104

apparently your php version doesn’t support that type of encryption

the code in /httpdocs/wallet/includes/block_io.php is used by the script to communicate with that mean between your server and its not accessible to users , that line of code (in line 104) was used to enforce a better encryption algorithm between your server and , but your php version doesn’t support that , this doesn’t mean the communication is not secure but it means the encryption used is not what recommend


i am still waiting for you ! i really start loose mz patient since we had a deal !pls reply me on email or skype

btc2usd send me a email on and i will give you that guy there fix my script. if you like that.

no need to cry over bad support.

my problem is not only the bad support it also includes some lost money for nothing work !!!! so guy last time i warn you to answer me and fix issues i will open block list !

Please send message to not

i have sended you plenty of messages ! never reply ! i have paid you over 1000 $ and i am waiting now 2 months i will post all our conversation here and inform code canyon support if you play more


can you emplement in wordpress?

Hi, I just purchased the script and installed in on I also sent you a PM with the cpanel server info the 1 problem I have is creating adresses … each time I click on create adress a popup open to create it I click create and nothing happen. Can you help me please i’m so close of having it working