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By Lost password, i can not make a new password, only can make a new one, if i have my old password!!! and my old password is Lost???

do you intend to post when an update to this script? because it has several bug in it has no way to withdraw faser

How do you monetize?

I have tested the demo and i am interested in buying this script. Can you tell me if there is a function that a customer can get his own private key if he ask for it?

cannot test your demo acc

hello, i want to buy this script but the demo is down, can you please make it work i need to test before i buy, thank you

cant login to demo user wrong for client and admin

try n ow.

Looks like author is a no-show.

What you mean?

NOT a genuine APP created by this user- Item available elsewhere for a fraction of the price here

Here get cleared code. In internet have cloned scripts with major of changes, i checked it and some of clones transfer all btc to cloner addresses. Regards

The copy I’ve purchased has been and tested all code and it works perfectly – No hidden code that transfers to BTC cloner address’s – Every line of code has been looked at and it’s fine!

I’ve purchased a lot of code from here and always check every line of code! Just curious why yours doesn’t seem to be supported at almost 3 times the cost.

Good luck anyways!

I have some questions:

The script is developed in some framework? Has Google 2FA security? The code is 100% unencrypted¿ It is compatible with PHP 7.X? Do you plan to add more coins, ETH, LTC ?

PS: the user of the demo does not work

please i recently purchased this script. it havnt proper dynamic files attachment

why r u not responding me?

and waiting and waiting and waiting !