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All pages showing up white after i installed the script

Can you give me access via email to checkn

what do you mean ?


You comment on post “In api keys menu you are setup your bitcoin address. When he send bitcoin to other client, he is charged the some amount that you enter in admin panel. and this amount will be transfered to your bitcoin address”

My question:- If i transfer bitcoin to other address and fees transfer to my bitcoin address. can you tell me how deduction that transaction fees.

Hello give me answer?

Yes it charge but all is calculated for total payment

Can you expain? I can understand.

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this script works?

Yes script is working.

can talk with you i need a customizacion

Hey Tried the demo, tried to add an account but: when I click on “Create account”

I’m on unbuntu, chrome

Becouse the our have 100 addresses. now will setup other account.

try now

i purchased that script and you guys not help me to setup wanna setup home page shows currency changer

why you guys not reply me

We replaid to your email already before few days..

you guys not replied me i am still waiting i need help like sms api and mobile recharge option and tell me how I can add currency changer option at homepage and how I can add as payment gateway

i just purchased the script and REGRET IT, only allow you to have 100 addresses on the free account (NEWBIE), the members are calling me scammer. you have to purchase expensive subscriptions to add more addresses (you need to pay $949.99/mo to generate unlimited addresses). Also, the UI is very bad and hard to edit, for example you need to edit each page on the script to have a backlink to your facebook page.

Hello, we do ot have FACEBOOK PAGE! And in item description have is writen that use api, yes they have premium plans but at start you can create few apis to get started. Script support multiple accounts that mean you can use at start 3-4 accounts, and when you earn will submit other plan. We no scam any user. In description is listed what need…

thank you sir for your reply, i will continue getting in touch with on email guys ignore my comment i only misunderstand some point and i’m getting it fixed

client demo not work (

it work try: / 123456789

I ask for a solution to the problem? I emailed the access and need to solve the problem

I reply to your email


VictorGZ Purchased


What is problem sir? Please report to or


phiopan Purchased

I have a problem 1 weely pls you check system my script you about system send money and receive money and update transactions and users balances and fee bitcoin in system now not work pls check i have customer waiting

We working to solve your problem. Please be patient.

why you guys not reply me

Check your inbox please.

I answer

ive got 0.009 on my account, then i set admin comission to 0.001 and it tells me :Total available minus fees: 0.0072 BTC. Where are those 0.0008 fee going??

The block.ip fee to sent transaction is 0.0004 and to sent your fee (0.0001) is more 0.0004…

Okay i see, i didnt read the FAQ on well.

Thanks, good plugin so far. :)

Hope you will keep it up to date.

Good luck with sales

Can the customer change his currency from USD to EUR ? (so he sees its budget in EUR) How can i include this option into frontend