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send bitcoin in modal showing 500 internal server error. How to fix it?

do you offer some custom modifications?

Can’t create bitcoin adress, also missing css files when I look the errors on the page.

Give me access via support email to check and solve problem :)

Just sent the server info, cpanel, admin, etc…

This guy actually makes bad scripts and poor support. so sadd

Is there an update coming up that fixes the bugs from the initial release? Are you developing this script further? It is a bit buggy for something that offers financial services. Clients will become very uncomfortable very quickly. Please let me know.

Pre Purchase Question: After buying and installing, since the wallet is 0, where do i get the bitcoins from if i want to topup my account

Need to transfer from other wallet to your account to have bitcoins in stock.

and again i am waiting for you since more then 8 days to answer me on mail to finalize my project !

Hello we all done as in documentation stands. and transfer all data on the server. there are no pictures. only application form is at the upper left. and when you log in, it does not lead us any further. up in the browser is not separated by / separated. this looks like – https: //ewallet.lifeaccount/wallet

before buying I have accompanied the novel with the user jamoran1356, has it already been solved all the problems of the script?

A Pre Purchase Question Can I ADD Bitcoins to Wallet Manually to test the System Offline from the admin side just to see the account balances and stuff and how it works before going online

1. You are not purchased item. 2. Need to be runned cron.php file via cron jobs or manually by http://localhost/cron.php to receive transactions and other functions.

i mean can we have data for testing purposes like can i have say 50 btcs fordemopurposes