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Can the script be translated?


Can this be integrated in wordpress?

Not as default.

My ticker is 1 btc = 0 and no live trades coming in


Error Log:


can i be able to modify the current price display on my website to the visitor ?


meken Purchased


Since I bought your two scripts: BitcoinLive and Bitcoin Calculator, can you tell me how to run them on one domain?

Can you provide help?

Thank you.

Just purchased, background image doesn’t show. How to get support or refund

It’s not showing “purchased” alongside your name. I will be happy to provide support once I can verify that you have purchased.


huski3 Purchased

How to get the script to work in a directory such as /bitcoinlive ? It shows up but no prices or activity. Have been looking for the ‘latest bitcoin trade orders’ function like yours, thank you

Contact your host and ask them to enable allow_url_fopen (It is enabled by default in most standard web hosts)


huski3 Purchased

I enabled that setting and it works, thank you very much for your quick response !

No problem!

Hi, Can you help tell me why it sometimes does not run properly and show errors?

What error are you receiving?

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Why dont you reply me?

Hi, Before you buy wanted to know Will be supported by this product and if it works well? Is there documentation for site installation?

Hi there, I will support you as best I can. Basic documentation is included, the script is super-easy to install and usually is just a matter of uploading the files and editing the config.

Thanks for the quick response: I noticed on your demo site that shows bitcoin inflated the price by$ 100 around than there really are. From where he receives information? And lli will display the real price? Thank you

The prices come from CEX

Hi, Is it possible to use prices from a different sites API to gather different pricing?

With small modifications, yes.

1 Bitcoin is currently worth 0.00 USD

How do I fix this?

I don’t see any error log in the server and regarding fopen, i need to check with hosting since it’s a shared vps.

working great now! thanks.

Glad you have it fixed!

can you build a website like this https://www.marketcapcoin.com/ Please quote budget and time at hassanzaidiksa@gmail.com

We already have a similar script that could be used with some modifications: https://codecanyon.net/item/altcoin-prices-700-cryptocurrency-prices/19836623