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It should really use a websocket from bitfinex or something instead of cex and using my server

ember themes – i am quite impressed with most of your scripts – my only concern is that most of the data is in USD – and since i am from India i need INR in most of these cryptocurrency scripts

We can change any of our scripts to INR for an additional fee,


I picked up the freebie that Envato gave out. It’s pretty cool. I tried to add Ethereum as well but there is a delay :/ It still works, though.

Hi friend, I upload the files to the server, after, I loaded the web in the browser and appear 500 internal server error , check this https://prnt.sc/hc7xs6, Pls help me.


thx for your great script, but i have one problem. the refresh rate is too slow, not nearly as fast as on your demo. regardless what i have set in the config file. often the script stops and it says 1 btc=0, do i have to make some server settings? thx for your help

i had a problem downloading this on free friday freebies. Now there is no where for me to re-down load the file without paying for it. Can you please send me the file as I would greatly appreciate it?

Kindest Regards,

Unfortunately I can’t, the promotion has now ended

The price is showing as zero. Is this still working?

The price is showing now but does not reflect correct price?

The price is from CEX.io

All de BTC ommunity uses the official price of Kraken for the BTC not cex.io price (a brooker) used by your script. I bought your script and i suggest u to adapt your script to Kraken price cause there’s too many differences.

Hi there,

We’ll look into adding kraken and bittrex soon.

good cause it’s a priority ! :)

Hi, does it work ? The live preview seems to be broken

yeah the price here is significantly different to all the other known sites.. makes me look like a goose.. :(

Prices are TOTALLY inaccurate! Your script shows: 14,749.00 when actually the current price is 13877.50. This is not going to entice me to buy your script…. :(

It can be changed quite easily

Please let me know if you can demonstrate this.


Does it can set display other than dollars(eur,jpy..etc)?

hi, i want to buy display in real currency, its possible to you do it to me, and i buy ? or only can show in usd ?