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nice app thanks

Thank you so much :)

Hi, I want to purchase this but I have few question first How to update News section? is there any admin panel to add News? are you using any kind of Api? if yes is it free? Thanks

Yes of course available.I updated description now

Thank you so much :)

hello , fisrtly its nice app i would like to buy that app but i dont want to use only for bitcoin also want to use for currency and gold is it possible to add that easily ? will you guide me if i buy and add? and is there web admin panel ? thanks

I updated description now. Thank you for your interest :)

Data exchange and currency update is done automatically or to do something?

It’s automatically

you send a message with a problem that I came out

merhaba tekrar, bitcoin yerine döviz ve alt?n kurlar?n? yap?lab?l?rm? ?

Merhaba dostum, uygulama aç?klamada belirtti?im adres üzerindeki api’yi kullanarak verileri JSON ile parse ediyor. Bu yüzden kodlardaki parse s?n?f? ile biraz düzenleyerek döviz kurlar? için uygun bir hale getirebilirsin. Fakat bu haliyle sadece Bitcoin verilerini çekmekte.

fantastic work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you very much my friend :)

Hello, you send a message via private so help me solve a problem with the app

give me your email

hi, can i use for yahoo finance api ?

Hi, can’t use.

Presale Question: Which tools do I need to compile this and can I remove admob?

Is news based on RSS and/or can I add other news?

The news manual adding from adminpanel

Could you integrate RSS feeds instead? I think this would make it more perfect and would buy instantly then :)

where change server links

I installed on server, but see NO News? I can login admin, add news (saying:”News Added!”) but then stays on…../adm/function.php? Not redirecting forward or anything else??

Also messages imported from your SQL file not visible on frontend??

DID i MISS SOMETHING, help please?

P.S. Also see strange language in SQL: Dökümü yapılmış tablolar için AUTO_INCREMENT değeri


[0624/144403:ERROR:crash_report_database_win.cc(412)] unexpected header [0624/144441:ERROR:crash_report_database_win.cc(412)] unexpected header [0624/144736:ERROR:crash_report_database_win.cc(412)] unexpected header

No Support here?


hello, how can i importe it ? it’s seems like i’m getting errors

How to change currencies, example would like to insert ltc bcn and doge

please check demo site!!

app not working

just confused, is this app working or not ?

Very nice App !! Please Update it , with features.