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hhello, I had question.. I have a website and a bitcoin script I buy for admin dashboard.. but the admin dashboard is lacking many thing including to show the current price of btc.. can I use this script to get the widget? like real time price to put on my website or my admin dashboard

Hey, this script is a standalone script and is not compatible with other scripts.

owh.. can that you cannot make a call at all? I really wish I can show current price on my own website on top menu

You would need a different product for that

how to get the “canonical” link to add in the header blade?

Please add some example:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”{{ url }}”>

hello. i was trying the demo at and i’ve checked my public address and it says “No response from the blockchain.. check that the information is correct.”, but when i check on, they display the information and its correct. Can you please let me if its working? Do you use blockchain API for it? And what API is being used for the Bitcoin Prices ? (free or premium/paid?)

Hey we are using the blockchain API, it’s possible that the request didn’t go through correctly.

The bitcoin prices are a combination of CEX and fixer (We combine a bunch of data to get multiple fiat currencies). Both are free.

how to change menu name

Hi, please purchase the script first.

Hi, I check the demo site before buying, And tried the DONATE feature, but when I press the button then nothing happens at all? Tell me this feature will work on the template? Thanks