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Great color , perfect , simple , Good Continue .

great job. good luck with sales

probably i found a bug? it doesnt matter if i change currency it is always the same amount of money in return, may you fix that

and it would be much cooler if all coins are in one script instead of enabling just one coin

and why are so many comments in review?

Thank you!

haha, wait, it is not a bug :D

sorry… it is always the same amount.. but it should be

because it doesnt matter if i put USD or EUR in bitcoin

the profit is in percentage

and if i put 100 USD or EUR in it is always the same result

if you got me^^ so that is not a bug.. it was just my fail

Hmm, right. But I am checking anyways. Thanks again ;)

Is this compatible with WordPress?

No, sorry.

So How Do I Use it if I want to purchase it? Do I have to register a domain, get hosting and install it via cpanel?

Do you have version that includes all coins?

No, sorry.

demo site is down