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nice plugin…can this plugin allow to add ay currency?

Hello, yes this plugin works with any currency because we have an integrated currency converter.

I’m from Venezuela (VEF), how does this plug-in to calculate the exchange rate, may I fix manually the exchange rate value?

Hello, the plugin uses Google finance to caculate the exchange rate live. We’re working on an option to choose the exchange rate source.

this work in USA? Is it up to date?

Yes it works in USA and it’s up-to-date

Hi, we configured the plugin but when we made a test payment it sent the payment to another wallet. We filled the Bitcoin Address with 12jX… and when we checked the information about the transaction it generated (9d498bfb8f6c0185dd7420b327c821c1f9c201af3f6054247c22860f515e4d0f) it seems it was sent to 17nn3… Could you guys give a little help?

We’ll update you about it in the beginning of the next week

You know that Bitcoin has 8 decimals right? And google Finance looks like it only accepts 4, so the difference between me using R$1 and receiving R$0,76 may be because of this last 4 digits not being count… When talking about bitcoin, BTC 0,00030000 is really differente from BTC 0,00035555… Do you think it may be it?

yes I see and you’re right we noticed Google finance was using 4 decimal but we don’t know if this is why. Next update comes with those fixes.

Hi, nice plugin. Is it possible to set it up with electrum? Thanks, Andi

Hello, it doesn’t work with Electrum right now but it’s possible to add support for it.

okay that would be interesting for me. if i buy you gonna help me set it up with electrum?

hello, tell me how you’d like it to integrate Electrum ?

Hi plugin stil dont work? Installed the latest version and add my purchase code but get the warning ” Please login before proceeding!”

hello, we’re releasing an update tomorrow (February 3rd 2017) that addresses this issue.

Will this work on Godaddy (PHP 5.3.24) and are there instructions so that even an idiot could get it set it up for use with digital download products? Thanks

Hello, yes it will work fine on GoDaddy. There are usage instructions and we’re available to guide you!


I have purchased and installed your bitcoin plugin but it dont work, i dont see it anywhere in WP admin or under Wocommerce menu

Where is the setting page located in WP admin ?

i am running latest WP and Woocommerce

Please help,

Hello, Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout (tab) and you’ll see the Bitcoin section

Hi, plugin not working in lasted wp and wc version. Failed generating a bitcoin address. Please try again!

I’m having the same problem—”Please login before proceeding” when I try to pay with Bitcoin as a guest…”Failed generating a bitcoin address. Please try again” when logged in as admin.


LDCoffee Purchased

Can I get a refund? I still get ”Failed generating a bitcoin address. Please try again” when I try to checkout

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where can i contact you?

hello can you give answer please?

I need this plugin – but I am very concerned about the many comments that say it does not work. Can you confirm that it works please?!

I installed the plugin on the woocommerce but did not see the bitcoin payment button.

Can I get a refund? I still get ”Failed generating a bitcoin address. Please try again” when I try to checkout

I have the same problem ”Failed generating a bitcoin address. Please try again”

No working, get message “Failed generating a bitcoin address. Please try again” Please revoke Item Purchase Code and give me a refund

If you want to return the money for the plugin, contact – Envato Market Help . It helped me.