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Awesome work, GLWS!

can you add bitcoin price in EUR or USD chart ? :)

Nice work, DigitalCenturySF

Hi, the donate bitcoin link does not work. Advise? Thanks.

The charts look great but can you add display output of latest number per chart? eg. total bitcoin in circulation output: March 20, 2017 total bitcoin: 16,227,895 eg. Bitcoins market value: March 20, 2017 US$1,189 etc..

does this work with wordpress?

It is a standalone script (doesn’t require wordpress)

why is there the month of March?

It means the cache has not updated, is allow_url_fopen enabled?

Is it difficult for you to make available an option where we can see charts since the beginning of bitcoin, instead of 1 year ago only?

The charts are shown up until March 4th, 2017. allow_url_fopen is enabled. Am I missing something with installation?

Are there any errors in the error log?

There are no errors. You can see the site here:

i have a problem the chart don`t show just till Martch 5th allow_url_fopen is enabled

fixed :D

i took me 42 minutes :))

Can we translate to Turkish this script

Yes, but you will have to do this yourself

Can you embed the charts on html pages?

from where you pull data in charts ?

i have a problem the chart don`t show just till Martch 5th allow_url_fopen is enabled

Warning: curl_setopt(): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set in /.../kazan/includes/class/main.class.php on line 12

I get this error on here:

Set safe_mode = Off in your php.ini file (it’s usually in /etc/ on the server). If that’s already off, then look around for the open_basedir stuff in the php.ini file, and change it accordingly.

Hi there. I’ve just bought this to show the bitcoins history:

But as other have commented it only show until march 2017. I dont have any php.ini file.

So please explain to a novice guy like me on how to fix this please…!


... and I tested this now: Bitcoins Market Value is the only one that is updated – all other show march 2017

Ok! Now it works! You’ll have to change the value from 86400 to 300 on every block! Great! :)

Thanks! And headsup to new buyers with lacking code experience: it works just fine doing this :)

They are all updated for me, on your website not working. check for me !

seems to work fine