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Nice one, glws !


Does your script come with an installer?

It doesn’t require an installer, you can upload the files and it should work instantly :)


I got a white page, every is filled in correctly in the config (I think).

URL: http://www.bitcoincalculator.nl/

Could you help me? Thanks! :)

$config[‘site_desc’] = ‘Bitcoin calculator for 32 valuta’s!’; // Your websites description

The: ’ in your description is breaking it :)

Hey there!

Another question regarding this website; If I click on a random currency I get a 404 error. So far I can see a mod_rewrite file is missing? Any idea how to fix this? :)

Really like all your items, so simple and clean :)

I will purcachse this too, but really hoping you could add support for ads/banners like you did in the other BitCoin script.


Thanks! I will update with easy ad support soon.

Dear EmberThemes,

In an input form “Amount of btc” don’t show anything, always rest blank, can you fix this? It’s dificult to know the quantity you want convert… Before buy your calculator I see the same issue in your demo, but I’ve thought is not the latest version…


PHP Warning when you select another currency inside the results, after convert. Not always!

Example: http://www.googleapps.cat/bitcoin/calculator/currency/EUR select USD = blank content

[01-May-2016 00:52:01 UTC] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/bitcoin/calculator/includes/wrapper/header.template.php:6) in …/bitcoin/calculator/calculator.php on line 36



I will fix this in the next update :)

Thank you very much! ;)

Is it possible to adapt this script to display other currency relations ? For example, Russian rubles = US dollar. Or maybe you already have a solution ?

You mean converting 2 currencies Instead of bitcoin? It could be modified to do that, but you would need to know a bit about PHP to be able to do so.

Hey there!

A question: If I click on a random currency, the page with that currency has to show but when I do this on my own website, I got a 404 error. Any idea how to fix it?



Its probably an issue with your .htaccess – can you double check to see if your .htaccess exists? :)

I see I’ve asked this before and now double haha (see my comment on an earlier question); but no .htaccess doesn’t exist, I’ve tried something by myself but I’m not a programmer so it didn’t work as expected :-)

Can you provide a .htaccess file for this? Thanks!

Hello, I would like to know where you get the price of bitcoin is not accurate?

Can this be installed on wordpress?

Not as default.

can i be able to modify the current price display on my website to the visitors ?

Hello, I want to buy this but first I’d like to know if it’s possible to add NGN currency which is currently not on the list of supported currencies?


black26 Purchased

The currency values aren’t being updated. For example: Bitcoin is worth ~$899.92 right now but the value for Bitcoin is hardcoded as $848.xx in this script. How should I fix this?

The value isn’t hardcoded, we get pricing from BTC-E. We use their “average” price which doesn’t change quickly, but does change.

nice script..i want to buy…but i dont see my currency there…can i add my my local currency to it?

Hello, I bought your script and after install, I get error messages when I try to convert to other currencies.

“Not Found

The requested URL /currency/CHF was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Make sure the .htaccess file is present

Hi, I would like to describe the rate data source on the website. Where do your conversion rates come from?

btc-e and fixer.io

Currency CLP = Chilean ?

hello great script. Having problem on mobile devices their is a white rectangle box behind the currency. How do i fix that.

Do you do custom work editing on your scripts ?

Hi there, could I get a screenshot of the issue that you are having? also, we do offer customisation services, feel free to send us a message via our profile.


Would be nice to have a swap button
Currency—> BTC
BTC—> Currency

does this work with wordpress

can i add additional currencies?

It is a standalone script (doesn’t require wordpress)

Hi Can I set the market price? For exmaple can I say receive the price from btc-e.com?

The price already comes from btc-e.com

How about the demo? Cause the demo price is not like btc-e.com

The script uses the avg price from BTC-e, this could easily be changed to use the last price instead of the average though.