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Hi, for some reason the bitcoin value is not being updated. It only show 0 (zero). This happened from out of nowhere. How do I fix this issue?

Hello, we are working on a fix. Please be patient while we submit a codecanyon update. Thanks.

Hi, same error is back again… Can you check?

Hi, just purchased and still show 0 for exchange rate – seems update from btc-e to cex not included or its still not ready ?

The update was approved ~2 hours ago

hello, how do i update without loosing my customizations?

I would love to buy this script, but do you plan to implement 2-way calculator? I mean BTC -> Currency & Currency -> BTC and also implement new cryptocurrencies?

I’m working on a “Altcoin Calculator” maybe that would match your needs more than this script.

Hello, I want to add a SSL certificate to my website. What do I need to do to activate the SSL?

Nothing needs to be changed in the script to use SSL, just change the domain in the config file to use https instead of http. https://emberthemes.net/demo/bitcoincalculator/

Hello, is it possible to have a Json API output?

Yes, with modifications it is possible


bdwgast Purchased

Hi there, suddenly shows only USD no other currencies – just check your demo and has same problem, whats wrong ?


Absoltz Purchased

When uploading the plugin to my wordpress site it keeps on giving the error – The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

This is not a wordpress plugin

prices are incorrect, please fix the issue


Just wondering, would there be any way to add a date/time field and a bitcoin amount to this script so people could check the price and what their bitcoin was worth on a particular date/time?

Thanks Jay

You code fast :) !

Thanks for that! I’ll buy the script this morning.


Once you do, send an email via my profile and I’ll send you the updated script.


Is the price displayed real-time (live)? What is the refresh/cache rate?

Hi, the cache can be set in the config file to whatever rate you like

Hey Guys!

I have just uploaded the script to one of my domains, but it is not working properly… It is showing 1 Bitcoin = 0 USD and the first box is empty in Firefox!

The other issue is with other currencies… All of the currencies listed on the page take me to a 404 page when I click them…

Can someone pls advise?

Cheers, Pete


FTP details sent!

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Cheers, Pete

Hi Guys! Have you managed to look at my site? Cheers, Pete

Hey Pete,

Very sorry about the wait.

It looks like you forgot to upload the .htaccess file included within the zip file. I went ahead and uploaded that for you – inner pages now work fine.


Which PHP framework is the script using to structure application?

It doesn’t use a PHP framework

Hi Dean!

Happy New Year! :)

Can you pls check your emails?

Cheers, Pete

Hello, Can the script be made of USD converts to be in a form box not printed or echoed above the way it is now…....so converts can also be made to get a Bitcoin value of a certain amount of USD just like in preev.com

You would need to do this yourself but it is possible