Bitcoin Calculator - Supports 32 Currencies

Bitcoin Calculator - Supports 32 Currencies

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Bitcoin Calculator

This script allows you to create your very own bitcoin calculator & ticker website supporting 32 currencies with the ability to change the default currency, website color scheme and more extremely easily!

Bitcoin Calculator Features

  • Supporting 32 currencies
  • Configurable JSON Data Cache
  • Change the default currency/calculator (index page)
  • Individual currency pages
  • Super fast loading times
  • Clean, Mobile Responsive Design
  • Configurable title and description
  • Configurable color scheme

Currencies supported

(AUD) Australian Dollar, (BGN) Bulgarian Lev, (BRL) Brazilian Real, (CAD) Canadian Dollar, (CHF) Swiss Franc, (CNY) Chinese Yuan, (CZK) Czech Koruna, (DKK) Danish Krone, (GBP) Pound Sterling, (HKD) Hong Kong Dollar, (HRK) Croatian Kuna, (HUF) Hungarian Forint, (IDR) Indonesian Rupiah, (ILS) New Israeli Shekel, (INR) Indian Rupee, (JPY) Japanese Yen, (KRW) Korean Won, (MXN) Mexican Peso, (MYR) Malaysian Ringgit, (NOK) Norwegian Krone, (NZD) New Zealand Dollar, (PHP) Philippine Peso, (PLN) Polish Zloty, (RON) Romanian Leu, (RUB) Russian Ruble, (SEK) Swedish Krona, (SGD) Singapore Dollar, (THB) Thai Baht, (TRY) Turkish Lira, (ZAR) South African Rand, (EUR) Euro, (USD) US Dollar

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5+
  • CURL Enabled

Latest updates

  • No longer uses BTC-e, uses CEX instead.

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