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I never heard about biscuit plugin. is that wordpress plugin? I interested of this plugin

If there is enough interest in this I’ll definitely convert it over to WordPress. :)

Hey, this sounds great! GLWS

Thanks! :)

I don’t understand what exactly this is. No screen shots or nothing either :/

Thanks for your interest! Please see my comment :)

A demo would be useful.

Thanks for your interest! Please see my comment :)

As WA6 said, A demo would be useful, I run a review site and I think this is something I could use but again I would like to see it first.

Thanks for your interest! Please see my comment :)

Okay thanks! Anyway I sent you an email as well you can reply with a demo link if you want to I guess Envato takes time to update the items listed on here.

Hey guys, It seems there is a little confusion as to what Biscuit does since there isn’t a demo. I’ll add one shortly – but in this brief explanation hopefully it will be a little clearer as to why I didn’t feel it was necessary ;)

The upcoming demo will basically reiterate what the item description already states. Biscuit randomly rewards website visitors. You can control the probability of winning by setting the odds (1 in 100). You then define a cycle (number of days for Biscuit to watch your visitor activity). This is used to calculate a Loyalty Factor (how often they return to your site). The Loyalty Factor plays into a visitor’s odds of winning – the more often they return on unique days within your defined cycle – the better chance they have of winning. :) Winning can either be a redirect to the URL of your choice, or any JavaScript/jQuery you want. This allows for Biscuit to provide loyalty-influenced, probability-driven rewards to your visitors – for your entire domain, or only a specific page. There are obviously some other extras and it doesn’t necessarily need to be used for rewards (fire any JS function randomly based on your defined winning odds that are influenced by customer loyalty). I’ll do my best to get the demo up soon, but that is essentially what it will say – not exactly sure how everyone would like me to demonstrate randomly firing any defined buyer code based on how many times you view the demo page – but I’m definitely open to ideas ;)

Interesting item! GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

How about a video demo?

Very cool script, simple but cool :) ....For those that are wondering what this does. imagine giving out prizes to visitors based on the number of visits and interactions on your site. There isn’t an admin just straight up code! 5+ Stars!

Thanks! :D

Any updates on the demo? I am really interested to see the layout or how this even works.

Hey SpaceNL215, thanks for your interest :) Unfortunately, with a recent move and setting up forums for the Jaguar game engine – creating a demo for Biscuit is currently low-priority. There isn’t really a layout or anything to show – and a demo would literally repeat what is on the description page. Biscuit handles the logic behind randomly rewarding visitors. It is up to you to control their chance of winning (and how loyalty affects the odds) as well as defining what they win. There are a bunch of options (redirect, run a custom JS function, etc). Send me a direct email through my profile page and I’ll be happy to send you some info :)

looks so good.. i wonder why i skipped this script…

maybe the name was not sexy

Thanks! Any suggestions?

“customer loyalty system” something like that… random and the rest could be on the description area

Thanks, I’ve updated the title ;)

Any demo?

Please read the comments

Think you’ll send a Demo soon?

Can the url be a wordpress page? or the whole wordpress site even if setup on an html page?

Hi, the Loyalty Factor basically affects the chances of winning (“chances”) setting. Loyalty cannot technically be turned off, but if you set it to 1 day it will achieve the exact same effect you’re looking for. No settings should be adjusted on the JS file – change all settings in your Biscuit call on the HTML page. Hopefully this clears things up – if not please feel free to email me directly with a link. Thanks!

I messaged you but never heard back.

I never received it, but please feel free to email me directly with a link to your site and I’ll be happy to look into it.

This is a GREAT concept but a bit half baked in my opinion. I would willing to pay to have a backend admin developed for this system. So much potential here for increasing site visitors. Also add the viral nature of it with FB and Twitter! Make sure only so many visits per IP are allowed but you could have al these visitors from social media flocking over to site. Biscuit could be anything.. Could be picture of the prize they receive, cause they are helping etc. Please message me.

Possible to get a video of process, to see how contest setup looks on a page – what they can win, etc

Contacted you ;)

Demo any time soon? Do you have a simple front end script that goes along to see how this may get kicked off?

Hi netgain4020, the download includes a demo index.html file which demonstrates how to setup basic firing actions. You’ll need to carefully read the options section of the docs (not very long). But you need to fully understand how repeat_win and chances work. Set repeat_win to true and adjust the probability (chances) setting so that you will be able to create a winning situation regularly (rather than constantly refreshing the page hoping you’ll trigger the win function). Then the docs cover all of the different ways to trigger win events. The easiest would be using the redirect setting as an example. Just provide a complete URL to the redirect setting. The index.html provides all of the available options ready for you to tweak and the doc options page covers how to use them.

Hey, I sent you an email regarding Biscuit and Boxaroo, which is AMAZING btw! :)


Can you have multiple instances of this script running at once? for example, having two actions possible with different probability settings?

Yes – since it is running on localstorage (and I haven’t added any code for specific page visits) it is checking against the entire domain. Basically it loads, runs the script and rolls the dice to see if the visitor is a winner.It checks the localstorage first to calculate how many unique page hits are visible in the page cycle to factory in (loyalty factor) to the odds of winning. If a visitor wins, it saves a flag on localstorage (and you decide if repeat_win is allowed). As it is now it cannot be used for the number of pages visited as a loyalty factor and cannot be used with multiple instances (both for the same reason being they’re checking variables saved against the domain name rather than the domain name+page name)

I understand, thank you. I think I get it. It’s a slightly confusing concept though I very much like the idea! Thanks for your time. I need something more along the lines of being able to have multiple “prizes” with the page view count for loyalty so I’ll keep this script in mind for the future!