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Why choose Birdo over other plugins?

We guarantee continued compatibility with the ever changing Twitter APIs and future versions of WordPress. We are always ready to help you. It’s designed to mimic your website design as close as possible.

How does it work?

Birdo looks and behaves like your usual comments form, but it’s a lot more! The comment will be also tweeted on the user’s Twitter profile page (only with the permission of your users), together with the link to your blog post. Let’s open to the world!

Do I need to be a computer wizard to make it work?

Don’t worry. The plugin does not require any technical skill to be installed onto your WordPress blog. For any unlikely problem we are here to support you in a professional, quick and efficacious way through our support forum.

Will Birdo publish the comments of my users on Twitter?

Yes. The comments will appear on your website as usual and on your reader’s twitter account at the same time, with a shortened version of the page link.

Will Birdo works on older versions of WP?

We support WordPress 2.8+ Anyway we always recommend to use the latest version of WordPress, it’s safer and you get the latest innovations!

Will my users still be able to comment with native WP functions with Birdo installed?

No doubt. Birdo leaves the regular WordPress functionalities untouched. Your users will be free to comment as they always did.

Will Birdo save the content of the tweets in WordPress database?

Of course, the messages will be perfectly integrated with WP comments interface and stored in the database as regular comments.

What happen if I uninstall Birdo?

All the tweet created by Birdo are saved as regular WordPress comments, so you won’t lose any of your contents

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