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how could i input the admob code to this game ?

Yes,it is easy,i could help you to do it.

is this eclipse code?

How to increase levels?

It is very easy,only need add one line.

if I purchase will you help me out? your skype id?

Files Included: .apk

Are all codes are supported for modifying them?

Yes,include .apk file.supprot modify.

Is it allowed the amendment to

texts, images, package

Hi there, I’ve purchased this game. Is there a proper method for editing this game in Android Studio? Or does it have to be Flash Builder?

Also, how can I change the AdMob settings?

Need flash builder or flash pro. You can change the admit settings in the code.


If I purchase this code, can I able to

- increase levels ? - use sounds as it is ? - use Admob or chartboost ads ? - Will you help to do it through Skype?

Let me ASAP.

Yes,, you can add in a configure file.