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for Customer Support

Quick response and professional advice helped my installation successfully in a short time.
Excellent support.
Many thanks.

for Customer Support

If there was a problem, it was solved neatly. Friendly and fast response from the author! He have been very helpful and I'm very satisfied with the script!

for Customer Support

Simple to install and use products.
Always available and qualified support.

for Customizability

I love it!!!!
Its very very cool, the install and all other its easy for all to use.
Great work, nice Theme, and the language ist very easy to stwitch.

Thank you for the perfect work!

for Design Quality

I am loving V2.


Author response

Thank you for using my script and for leaving the rating ;)



for Other

Main reason for your rating = Everything, Great work with this script it's the best tool I've seen, I would be cool to see some updates if there's any planned

for Code Quality

I'm still testing, but so far, everything works fine, better script! Congratulations on the excellent work!

for Customer Support

I wish I could choose more than one main reason, but Customer Support won out because, as excellent as the script is, nothing is more important to a Buyer as a fast & accurate response from a Seller.

Fabian has gotten back to me quickly with accurate information each time I've written him, and the fact that the script works well and does what it is supposed to do well, doesn't hurt either.

for Customer Support

I would highly recommend buying from Fabian his support along with this script is 5 star. I felt pretty confident with installing script I went over the documentation but I couldn't figure it out. I reached out to Fabian and we went back and forth in a few emails (He could of been done faster it was my fault since i didn't send the correct login info) He was very patient with me and helped me get my script running. I would highly recommend to buy. Thank you once again for saving the day :)

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