Bindlex Ranking. Advanced software for Website Growth.

Bindlex Ranking. Advanced software for Website Growth.

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Bindlex Ranking is an advanced program that comes to the market with unique features compared to any other traffic program. It offers options for both those who wants to use the program to grow their site in the search engines but also for those who needs help building their own traffic program through our implemented API traffic.

Why you should buy?

This program is designed to be constantly improved and to have multiple purposes related to the growth of your site. In the future, new features and functions will be implemented and improved to get rid of the big expenses for unnecessary products and services.

Benefits of the algorithm and configuration

The program is designed in such a way as to give you control over how you want your campaigns to run. Compared to the other programs on the market that had their own bounce rates and most had no return rates this program even allows you to set yourself the desired .

Bindlex Ranking has implemented a smart algorithm that based on user settings interprets human activity on your site, thus browsing the site and internal pages.

Free Proxies Database Included

Bindlex Proxies system do not have all the countries available from the world, it is constantly developing and allows you with just one click to select the countries from which you want to receive traffic. Currently we have a database of free public proxies and the proxies will not work all times due to high number of requests. That’s why we recommend that you have your own list of proxies.

Main Features

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • Manual / Auto Internal Links visits
  • Organic, Social, Referrer traffic
  • Increase rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing & DuckDuckGo
  • Custom advanced settings (Ex: Threads)
  • Custom Bounce Rate percentage
  • Custom Return Rate percentage
  • Custom waiting time selection
  • Updated free DB proxies lists
  • Custom countries selection
  • Updated user agents list
  • Compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server R2 2012
  • Many more features+

Amazing feature – Create traffic programs

Yes, this program has an API that allows you to integrate it into your products or services to create traffic bots. This means that all you need is to create a front end and a data link.

Slow Computer? Not a problem.

We develop settings that allow you to disable interface and design options that can allocate more processing space for traffic received on your site.
Minimum System Requirements :

Processor : Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.80GHz
RAM : 8,00 GB DDR4
System type : 64-bit

Q: Is this software working with other analytics sites other than Google?
A: Yes, Bindlex Ranking generates real visits that is working for any analytics site.

What is new?

Schedule your campaigns

Now you can start your campaigns on a certain date and you can set them to stop automatically at any other date. This helps you plan how you will get traffic to your sites. We decided to implement a manual method of inserting internal links. Thus, the bot will not reach unwanted internal pages.


Build 220 (6 December 2020)
- NEW | GA Web Traffic implemented.
- Refreshed proxies database.
- Redirect menu to future updates.
- Update Assistance Tool major improvements for a safe & fast background download process of new versions.

Build 210 & 211 (27 September 2020)
- Update Tool bug fixed.
- Software open faster.
- Pages load faster.
- Optimizations.
- Bugs fixed.

Build 209 (26 September 2020)
- Improvements to the bot engine.
- Now it automatically checks and downloads the additional packages needed if they do not exist, when starting a campaign.
- Bugs fixed.

Build 208 (4 May 2020)
- You can now select to add manual internal links or search automatically for them.
- Implement console for advanced debugging.
- New Fresh Documentation page for anyone who have trouble with setup of their campaigns.
- Fixed a bug that would load list of keywords wrong when edit a campaign.
- Fixed bugs.
- BOT OPTIMIZATION | Pages load much faster
- When a new update will start to download a backup will be created for your previous version.
- Small improvements in performance.

Build 2072 & 2073 (27 April 2020)
- Improvements to the custom proxies system.
- Now the software automatically eliminates blank lines from your proxies files.
- Minimal bot changes.
- A better stable way of loading proxies.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Build 207 (23 April 2020)
NEW | Set Custom Internal Links to visit custom internal URLs
- Startup optimized
- Interface improvements & fixes
- Optimized packages
- 'Auto-Save Analyzer Reports' setting removed
- Language system improved
- French lang pack expanded
- Bot code rewrite
- Fixed a bug that displayed 'Last' instead of 'All time' traffic
- More prevention for future errors
- Automatically modify URLs errors (remove https:// or http://)
- Fixed a issue that would not start the program after update

Build 206 (11 March 2020)
NEW | 'Smart Run' -> Run and solve some issues between some sites and bot.
Fixed bugs.

Build 205 - SHARE UPDATE (08 March 2020)
Quick commands implemented for additional support.
Fixed bugs for License System.
Fixed bugs.

Build 2041 - Quick Fix (March 04 2020)
Quick fix for a bug that would send some of the traffic as direct.
Now the traffic hit will match more precise with the total hits on analyzers.

Build 204 (February 24 2020)
Fixed a performance bug when the bots were closed.
Fixed a bug that sometimes leaves the campaign process running even after stopping.
Fixed a bug that was caused to sometimes send direct traffic from specific search engines.
Increased the server update status of the proxies database for higher quality proxies.

Build 203 (February 02 2020)
- IMPROVED | Engine Major Decrease in loading time (from ~50seconds to ~10 seconds)
- IMPROVED | Increased performance.
- Fixed bugs.

Build 202 (January 30 2020)
- IMPROVED | Bindlex Update Package
- BETA  | Multi-language, Implemented French language package.
- NEW | Clear all campaigns - Better User Experience
- NEW | Duplicate campaign - Better User Experience
- NEW | Register user setting, 'Clear all cache & packages data'.
- NEW | Delete unnecessary packages and files, reduce size & increase loading time
- Fixed Panel render missing for exit button.
- Fixed Bugs.

Build 201 (January 26 2020)
- Product launched.

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