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Nice Work. Hope i will buy as soon as possible

Thank You so much :)

if I want a page in both menus, does this mean I’d have to create the page TWICE, since there is only option of NONE, HEADER or FOOTER?

Ok, i will upgrade it on new version.

For your information, If anyone buy this script now, they can easily update there script when available a new version.


what version of CI are you using for this?

We are using CodeIgniter V 2.2.0 for this script.

Nice CMS system. I think it’s easy to use and user friendly for front end development. I like your facebook login system.

Thank you so much :)


Username and password for the demo?


Hi Dhakaapps , I have heard dhakasweets but not dhakaapps . It is informed that we are going to purchase this system ,however we have few concerns . 1.Have you picked up code or developed it entirely from scratch ,if yes then please tell what libraries have you used in doing so . 2.Plus for the text editor ,is looks similar to joomla module .Can you let us know form where did you picked it up ? 3.Can plugins be added if yes then at which line of code or pages form which we can do that ? 4.Plus why can’t I create new pages ? Thank you , M Yawer

Thanks for your comment, 1. I am using CodeIgniter Framework, and it was developed from scratch. 2. It’s CK Editor, that’s an Open source Editor. (See Credit section). 3. You can’t add your plugin, but you can easily customize this code. You can see, it’s code is so clean. 4. In Admin panel, you can find a menu like pages, and you can add a new page from here.

Thanks, DHAKAapps

Nice User management system.:)

Will this be updated to CI 3.x soon?

Yes, We are working for CI 3.
hope we can publish it on February.
For your Information, If you buy this script, then when we update this, your script can be updated automatic.

after install it says “No input file specified. ” when it tries to load /root_user/

Max upload size will be 2 MB. but i can be different upon your hosing configuration.

Best Regards,

my hosting doesnt have any limits set. where in BUCMS is the 2mb limit?

In that case, there is no limit’s for uploading.

My purchase doesn’t work. Can anyone help me here.

Dear Sir,
You must get a great support, Kindly send an email to support mail (tanvir60uits@gmail.com) with your problems.
Thank You!!