Binary MLM

Binary MLM

Binary MLM Program. Made Easy!

  • Administrator Controls
    1. Generate Activation Codes for Registering Members.
    2. Easy member on-boarding, full admin control, and even member’s details.
    3. Adjustable Pairing Income every level!
    4. Adjustable Direct Referral Reward.
    5. Generate “FREE” codes, and adjust whether they will receive pairing and referral income.
    6. Product Loyalty Program.
    7. Adjustable Rebates, and Indirect Sales Reward for members, EVERY. LEVEL!
    8. Manage Withdrawal Settings, adjust “Admin Fee”, and “Tax” deductions. And even Minimum withdrawal amount.
    9. Adjust Maximum Daily Pairing, and enable SPILL OVER.
    10. View Left and Right carry.
  • Members Panel
    1. Easy Dashboard, Every source of Income is Broken Down.
    2. Page for members to encode their purchase and claim Rebates Instantly!
    3. Clear and Easy withdrawal form.
    4. Manage Profile.
    • Member Username: member001
    • Password : password

[ Update : May 14, 2017 ]

Download and extract inside your extracted Binary MLM project folder. VENDOR.ZIP * [ ]

  • Update File – Bug Fixes.
  • Added Validation Rules on Sign up.
  • Corrected username / password saving flow.
  • Added Email Field (not required).
  • Fixed Layout on viewing network tree.
  • Fixed status not changing when Product Purchase Code is used.
  • Added configuration file if the admin wants to add charge fee on purchase codes when member wants to purchase
  • Corrected HTML Semantic and Language file.
  • Added configuration file if the website has SSL.
  • Added country code on configuration File.

*New Modules

  • Manual adding of funds to members ( Deducted to Company Earnings).
  • Added Referral Link Feature and Integrated to Registration.
  • Added Network Tree navigation.
  • Added In-system purchases of Product codes and Activation Codes.
  • Added transaction history of the system, for you to view the system’s automated distribution of income (Rebates, Pairing, Flush out, Direct Referral, Unilevel Income).