Binary MLM System

Binary MLM System

Demo User :

For Admin:
Username = admin
Password = demo

For Client:
Username = john
Password = 1234

Live Investment Status

Admin can see live investment status


Client Registration

Binary MLM System - 1

Only an admin can register a client and also can make an investment

Left and Right Carry

Auto calculated Left and Right Carry in client dashboard

Binary MLM System - 2

Track User Login

Binary MLM System - 3

Admin can track total user login with there login IP

Binary Tree

1. Admin can generate a binery tree of an individual clients
2. Client also can generate his own tree

Binary MLM System - 4

Balance Transfer

Binary MLM System - 5

1. Admin can transfer balance to any client ID
2. Client can also transfer balance to any client ID from his c-wallet.

Internal Messaging

Both of Admin and Client user can message with each other

Binary MLM System - 6

Binary MLM System - 7