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Awesome work, good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much :)

can you consider adding a “duplicate invoice” function please that would be extremely handy and would consider purchasing – thanks

Ah ok – no problem :) Invoice-Duplicating is already under development ;)

Hello, the new update has just been submitted for review and should be available tomorrow. It adds new features – e.g. the requested duplicate function. You can already check it out in the demo. Thank you :)

The update is available now. Thanks :)

Looks great, is it possible to create an api? Thanks!

Hello, thank you for getting in touch and also the great feedback.
Can you describe a little bit further what you mean by creating an API? Do you mean creating an API yourself? That should be possible without too much effort – the code and also the data is very structured, so with a little bit of PHP knowledge you should surely be able to create an API that fits your needs. Thanks :)

Another great app! Looking really good! Wish you a lot of sales :)

Thank you so much for the great feedback – I really appreciate it. :)

great :)

can u make html output of this ? http://321-internet.com/billingpro/app/billingpro/download_invoice.php?invoice_id=20160404091942 not just pdf, so anyone without loggin-in who know url will see html invoice :)

Hello, the output is HTML rendered into a HTML canvas. This is the only way the invoice stays responsive and keeps its aspect ratio on resizing. Therefore a pure HTML output would not make much sense as the invoice would not be responsive anymore without loosing its proportions.
The way it is built now is the only way the really makes sense in my eyes. If you want a pure HTML output, you would have to develop this yourself by changing some of the code in the PHP file (this is not too difficult). For the application on Codecanyon itself however it would not make sense as it reduces usability for the other clients – therefore I can’t change the functionality.
Thank you :)

thx you :) any hint what remove in css so it wont print as “image”?

It’s not just CSS. Take a look at the view_invoice.php file – you will find the HTML structure inside there. You have to remove the rendering functions from the Javascript files and adjust the CSS of the HTML to display the invoice as required.

Can you add an option to send a copy to the client, thank you.

I have already planned this feature. :)


costom layout, arrangement of elements, or you can set the print width?

and Also Is it possible to have a template?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. I will consider your suggestions for one of the next updates.
Templates are not yet available, but I will also consider those for the next updates. Thank you :)

Nice looking script. Can you add paypal payment, please.

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. I will consider your request for one of the next updates. Thank you :)

Invoice settings, Need to be controlled, How do we change this, Also why can’t we alter this on the fly, Everything, I need one invoice with all my details that i can send to a customer, And execute or alter and send the same Invoice, What i am saying i only send invoices when requested, So they have been payed for, All i need do is input the address , Item Vat and price, And item Leaving all my details, I have bought a few of these scripts, And it’s a bit hard work, We have over half a million feedbacks on auction from 4 sites, I need to only send invoice when requested, So need options on all, But need one Invoice, With full Edit, Basic ? can you do

Great Work,GLWS :grin:

Thank you so much :)

Hallo, das exportieren der Rechnung als PDF funktioniert unter OS X nicht. Was kann ich tun?

Hallo, vielen Dank für die Info. Wenn Sie möchten kann ich den Bug gerne weitergeben. Ich bin iOS Entwickler und kenne ein paar gute Menschen in der Firma welche offen für Kritik sind. Sie müssten mir lediglich das Problem genau nennen. Am besten Antworten Sie auf meine PN von heute Mittag. Liebe Grüße:)

Hallo, vielen Dank für das Angebot. Bei Gelegenheit können Sie das Problem sehr gerne einmal ansprechen – ich glaube aber, dass das Problem schon bekannt sein dürfte, da im Netz schon an diversen Stellen entsprechend Unmut kund getan wird. Trotzdem vielen Dank – hoffentlich kann zeitnah eine Lösung gefunden werden. Bitte entschuldigen Sie noch einmal die Unannehmlichkeiten. Viele Grüße :)

Hallo, bisher leider keine Änderung…

I will buy this, but I need some modifications. Can you do that?

Hello, thanks for your interest. It depends on the type of modifications that you need. Please send a private message to discuss the details. Thank you :)

Is it possible to build a database behind it? If so, I’m really interested in buying. Let me know!

Hello, thank you very much for getting in touch. Yes, with a little bit of PHP knowledge you could just store the data that is being saved as flat files in a database instead – that would work without problems. Thank you :)

Hi, just wondering, can you do that for me upon purchase or will that bring additional costs?

Hello, no unfortunately that is not possible. It would have to be a paid modification – but I am sorry to say that until the end of October this year I can’t do any modification jobs as I am so stuffed with work. But if you know how to work with PHP, you should be able to implement it yourself. The structure of the script is very clear and good to understand – so you should be able to find what you have to modify. Thank you :)

Hellon, i have big problem! Installation and configuration is OK! But when i’m click on “Add” in invoice for save invoice, i can’t save …. I’m redirect in invoice and it’s empty … Help

Ok Thanks to help me quickly is very important I need invoice tomorrow :)

You can help me and fix the problem today please? I buy your script yersterday and I need make invoice today thanks So much

I just sent you a message – please take a look. Thank you :)

Hello, it’s not working on safari and firefox to download the invoice. Only Google chrome is working. How can i fix this? Cheers, Maarten

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Can you please send me a private message with FTP details so that I can take a look? Thank you :)

Hello, i need to switch the ” , ” and the ” . ” in the calculations So this €1,200.00 to €1.200,00

can you help me?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Sure – can you please send me a private message then I can send you some instructions. Thank you :)

Nice script, 1. I think if two products is match http://prntscr.com/clmg8i , need up Qty count.

2. Where can add/edit Client list, Product, Service or Fee… http://prntscr.com/clmh9b

3. Maybe add invoice templates

4. Send invoice to client email…


Hello, thank you for your ideas and thoughts. I will definitely consider your suggestions. Thank you :)

Hello, there seems to be a bug when item description is longer than a few words.
When selecting an item with long description, the description is overlapping over items below Since you don’t use a database, how can we make a backup of all data on regular basis? Thanks!

Hello, thank you for telling us. We will take a look at this. Thanks :)

Hello, are u going to update this product? :)

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