Discussion on Billing Book -Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready

Discussion on Billing Book -Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready

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Hello, can we use Billing Book in USA? We want to use it in our retail store as a cash register or POS system. How we can use the Taxation system of USA and also payment systems available in USA? Also we want to use Barcode Scanner with the POS System, is it possible? Can we generate Barcode from within the software? Thanks

How to remove extra spaces in pos thermal print

Hi, you may need to adjust it in browser page settings.

Hi, i found a bug. I have created another warehouse and i would like to use the POS of the new warehouse to transact sales. but pressing POS module will give me error, please see photo snapshot;

Hi, as i checked you have given other application screenshot, which is not our product. Let me know.

Can i handle 2 different Business Data by Creating 2 Different Accounts !

Hi, One store/domain/subdomain should buy a license. One user one license. You cannot use same license on multiple domains or users.

Sir If customer paid advance bill how to add Payment

Hi, You can adjust advance payment while making invoice, Please find the screenshot.

A suggestion: Is it possible to get sales reports for individual employee accounts? I.e who sales how much products etc…..

Hi, There is invoice wise sales report available in that user selection filter available.

Yes. Got it. When is the next update coming?

Another small issue. While converting an quotation to invoice, its taking by default the quotation date as “invoice date”. But it should take the current date as invoice date.

Okay, we have noted it, we may add it in next application release. Thank you

hi is it possible to hide QR code in invoice i there is no option in Demo

  • There is no settings provided to hide QR code from invoice. -I can help you to remove QR code from the application source code for this version of the application.
  • Do you mean you wanted to change language? - If your question is wanted to change language of the application, if yes, of course you can, just you need to convert one language file.

Let me know

No my question is if i add my company name if i change language itannot translate how can i make translate this company name also with other languages

Your company name saved in database, only static words are convertable.

Hi I have checked your Application (Billing Book). I need customization in it, can you customize this as per my business requirements. Kindly provide an appointment. i can show you on screen iwhat i am looking for

Hi, Thank you for showing interest in our product. Due to our busy schedule, we regret to inform you that we are currently unable to customize the application for you. However, we would like to highlight that the downloaded package includes the complete source code. This means that you have the freedom to customize the application according to your specific needs.

Thank you for your understanding.

This is the web address. http://localhost/inventory/login/verify

This is the error. Kindly advise. 04 Page Not Found The page you requested was not found.

Please email us at our support team help you to solve this.

email sent

Hi, our support team replied on email, please follow up to that email. Thank you

I cannot login after a new installation

Hi, Default username: admin Default email:

Password: 123456

Let me know

I want to clear my database and want to start with 1st invoice. how i can do?

Okay, Delete sales invoices from sales list, which creating new invoice just set invoice count to 1, please find the attached screenshot.

Is there any option I can add a branch of my Store in different city/address and assign a warehouse to that branch store.

Hi, did you mean a multi-store setup? We have a SaaS module for our Billing Book application that might be able to address your issue. Please email us at, and our support team will provide you with further details.

No, I am not looking for SaaS. I just want an ability to create a branch of my Store. Imagine I have multiple stores in different location of my city. When a branch make a sale, the invoice should have that branch address. I can assign user to manage that branch. And I can check report which branch is making good sales. Your script have ability to create multiple warehouse, likewise if there is ability to create branch of the main store, it will be great.

In SaaS module, super admin can able to create store. 1. Create Store 2. Create Role


syfors Purchased

Hi guys, look I need to add an electronic invoicing from Mexico, theres an API with my current Invoicing supplier, so how much it cost to add this API?

or how much is per modifiation? or time?

Could you please answer these questions, they are so important for me.


Hi, thanks for offering a customization job, because of our busy schedule we are not able to customize the application. I suggest you to hire any freelancer to make it. Thank you

hi there i found bug in demo POS please check this image

when we add item with price 2.900 or 1.99 etc its showing in grand total 3.00 if its less then 0.50 its showing down number like if price is 1.49 grand total show 1.00 if price is 1.51 grand total shopw 2.00 even discount not showing in grand total please check

Please check on marked, image that may added discount on invoice.

i check its not working as i told you if amount is 500 and if we add 0.49 then its showing 499 and if we add 0.51 then its showing 500 if we add 0.50 then its showing same amount nothing is change also products price have same issue if price is 4.99 then its hsowing in total 5.00 and if price is 4.49 then its showing 4.00 :) this is bug in your script

Sorry i am not able to find the bug, Can you please share me video of it?



have indonesia language?

Hi, You just need to convert the English file to your language. First, copy and paste the English language which is located in source_code/application/languages/English/English_lang.php

Same as creating your languge file ex: source_code/application/languages/Xyz/Xyz_lang.php

That’t it

The billing web app shows a blank page after the Setup information. How to solve it?

Hi, Please let me know which PHP version you are using?

Installation steps are as follows. 1. Please download a fresh copy of the source code from codecanyon. 2. Create a database in your server 3. Follow the installation steps of the application.



Purchase code:

Let me know

Hello this item is a saas? and its available on frenh?

Yes, we have SaaS module of the Billing Book application, for details of it please email us at

Thank you

I want to purchase your item “Billing Book -Advanced POS, Inventory, Accounting, Warehouse, Multi Users, GST Ready”, but i need a little customization. I want to change the word “Warehouse” to “Department”. please is it possible.. thanks

Yes it’s possible and it’s easy to make, just need to alter some code.

I have made purchase for the item and will provide login details to help me fix it. but i have one question. can i pay extra fee to make the system work both offline and online. when there is no internet it can work on system and when internet comes it auto update online.. is it possible?

  • Please let me know what you wanted to fix? is rename work?
  • If you wanted to add Auto syncing facility then you need to contact any freelancer to make it, we are not able to work on this. Thank you

Hi brother!

In next updates:

Please create some features or options for resturant management system as shown in this demo.

Thank you for suggestion.


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