Discussion on Bike Speed - HTML5 Game

Discussion on Bike Speed - HTML5 Game

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Hello, is it possible to change the landscape and make a climb landscape ? Thank you regards.


This game can replace assets easily.

Hi, thank you for this game. I try to customize it to make a game for my client but i’d like to replace to Cone Object with bikes. Do you think it’s possible to add several bikes on the game ? Thanks

you only can replace static image not with animation.

Hello again, Thanks for the notification i made a static image. I have another question: Is it possible to have a end game ? like a maxDistance ? Otherwise the user can play indefinitly :-) Thank you.

The checkpoint distance will keep increasing, so eventually the game will end with the limit time.

I would like to buy this game but the live preview doesn’t work, which makes me worried. Does it work??

I am. It doesn’t matter how much I press it. nothing happens when pressing R or right keyboard.

Pressing one key doesn’t work, you have to press L+R key just like you are riding a bike.

ok I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, thanks for the quick replies!!

i would like to use your game on my bikestore website, is it possible to make leaderboards off all participants?

Hi, the game doesn’t include scoreboard, but you can request for customisation at support page.

Currently end of the each attempt shows the social sharing buttons. I need to visible sharing buttons when user score more than previous score. Will you able to help me on this?

The game doesn’t save the score so you can’t compare the previous score, unless you are talking about the same new round game. You can request this at support page.

There is a issue when we going to replay… When click on “Tap To replay” and click on Switch button before cycle appear, still we can play the game. see these screenshots…

You can wait for next update to fix the issue.

How long will it take? Already I have used this game on my app. It’s going to launch within 1 day…

you can request this at support page for the latest update

Is there any possibility to add an image instead of text “Bike Speed”

Hi, inside the game which part you want to add the image?

Game start screen, Can I have non-repeat image when playing cycle?

Yes.. possible

I need to have 100px bar on top and bottom. I tried. but there is scrollbar. There for need to reduce 200px from canvas height. Where is the code?

Hi, This game is always fit to browser screen using code in main.js.

Suppose to by this game. Is there any possibility to embed this game on facebook canvas app?

Facebook canvas is using iFrame to load the your page, and the game can’t play inside iFrame since it doesn’t support keyboard events.

Hi demonisblack,

I really like the game!

Before I buy it, I would like to ask some questions: - are the bicycle graphics with the riders on it, and all the other graphics like the stones or blocks, surrounding backgrounds etc. changeable? I would like to add a shape picture of our own bicycle ;-) - in the “files included” information is stated, that SWF/FLV flash files are included. is flash used in the game?

Thanks a lot in advance! Ralf


The bicycle and human are separate image files even the wheels, the objects like stone and background are load from array which can be change easily, and yes they are all images. The human bicycle animation are animated in flash and convert to spritesheet image file, flash file is provided if you need to change the shape/ animation.


Hi, thanks a lot for your quick answer! I guess I’ll buy it :-) Cheers!

What a lovely game! I have a suggestion though: currently, there is literally no time for players to switch lanes before they hit the blocks. With the speed and the small size of the screen, this lane-switching thing is purely left to chance, not part of the gameplay. Could you please make both the bike/guy and the road blocks much smaller, so that at least a reasonably long-enough reaction time can given to players to switch lanes when they spot the block on the right end of the game screen? Now, no matter how fast the bike is, there is literally no reaction time (no reasonable reaction for human beings) to switch lanes which reduce the fun of the game and, I assume, is your original intention. Still, bravo for another innovative game! Please consider this suggestion and I look forward to an updated version, if possible!

Thanks, it should fixed in next update

Cool!! How about the issue of the very top part of the game being blocked by the browser when using safari in iphone?

Since the release of iOS 8 and Safari 8, the methods of hiding the navigation bar using minimal-ui are no longer supported.


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