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hi, can import to android studio

Dear, this is unity project not android studio,.. Thanks

Hi! I am interested in this game and had a few questions. I tested game and could not get through the first level but I am a noob when it comes to games. Is there any way to change lanes in this game? How do you get through the pylons without crashing? Are there three levels to complete this game? Do you have any game instructions that I can review? I am interested in using this game for marketing discounts on products but need to know how this game works?

many thanks!

I guess you do not understand my question? I am referring to this thread 29 days ago in this support forum:


i buy your code today. where is the reskin document & explain where we change ad ids & bundle id. Tansal_Technologies

Tansal_Technologies Author 29 days ago Flag

Please send us an email on: we will send the documents in reply. Thanks for purchasing our project.


My questions is simple.. do I need to email you to for updated documents or are the updated documents now included in the current download package?


Please check your mail. We sent the documents to you


Received. Thank you!

Although I have not read AdMob ad code changes

Please see full documentation for those changes

Do you offer any service to compile this game for IOS? What extra services do you offer for this game such as modifying graphics, reskin, etc?

In this forum, go back one page and read this:

javaexperience about 1 month ago Flag

By any chance, does it support IL2CPP and iOS? Tansal_Technologies

Tansal_Technologies Author about 1 month ago Flag

This game is only build and tested for android. but you can the GUI and some minor change in code to convert into IOS. THANKS for your intrest.

minor change?? Not true and impossible!!

Please mail us we will solve your problem. If not we will refund you. mail:


Solve my problem? I have checked with other Unity developers and they state it is impossible to create IOS version of this game. To solve this problem you must upgrade to Unity version 5 and use ipv6.. You are selling very outdated programming code.

do you offer a reskin service?

Yes, we offer. Please check us on the link.

hi , I purchased your code but I doesn’t work on Unity 5 It gives me the following errors :

BCE0042: Error reading from ‘Assets/Quantum Theory/UCP/Standard Assets/Character Controllers/Sources/Scripts/FPSInputController.js

error CS2001: Source file `Assets/!Realistic FPS Prefab Files/Demo Scene Assets/~FPS World Files/!!Other Packages/Standard Assets/Water (Basic)/Sources/Scripts/WaterSimple.cs’ could not be found


Please check your mail

I bought the product AdMob code entered my ad of the vendor is coming out Can not be adjusted I can not do it I want to exchange money for another project buyer

Please mail us on We will fix this via team viewer.

Hi, Tried to build the game but it gave an error when i try to build it for android after i changed the information of publishing the the splash screen

it says: Failed to recompile android resource files. See the Console for details.

Failed to compile resources with the following parameters: -bootclasspath ”/Users/jameel/Desktop/sdk/platforms/android-24/android.jar” -d ”/Users/jameel/Desktop/Bike Game/bike attack race source code/bike attack race V1.7/New Unity Project 2/Temp/StagingArea/bin/classes” -source 1.6 -target 1.6 -encoding UTF-8 “com/chartboost/sdk/unity/” “com/google/android/gms/” “com/jameelnabbo/motor/” “com/unity3d/ads/android/” warning: /Users/jameel/Desktop/sdk/platforms/android-24/android.jar(java/lang/Object.class): major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major version supported by this compiler. It is recommended that the compiler be upgraded. warning: /Users/jameel/Desktop/sdk/platforms/android-24/android.jar(java/lang/AutoCloseable.class): major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major version supported by this compiler. It is recommended that the compiler be upgraded. 2 warnings


there’s also many warnings

Please mail us on: .. We will solve this issue.


Good game ; I want really to buy it, if you will accept reskin it to me, How much?

How much fee of fiverr , if you know?

I am going to buy and i will put a request in fiverr for reskin it

fiverr fee is 5% of amount.

Hey, I have buy the product. Please give me the reskin document. Thank you. my email is

Thanks for purchasing. Please check your mail box, we sent the reskin docs.

Hey, I have some problem for the game. There is a bug in it. Can you help me? Please contact me with I have already sent the email to you.

Hey, Could you send me a version can be ran with Unity 5.5 Personal Version? And I don’t want any ads in it. Thank you.

hi.. This game is built with Unity 4.6.. it will not work on unity 5.5

i am facing too much compile errors in unity 5.6.1, it says previously opened in 5.0 unity version, so which unity should i have to download? 4.6 or 5.0?

Hi, i have installed unity 4.6.0 and everything goes well but.. in the end of packing and recompiling it shows build failed why?

Build Failed: Failed to recompile android resources error.

when will you reply back to my e-mail? or just reply here what should i do? it also don’t have pause menu in game play and what will happens next after crashing? it shows only score that’s all.

First resolve the build error or either i want to refund or exchange with another source code please.

merhaba oyunda Assets/Standard Assets/Water (Pro Only)/Sources/Scripts/Water.cs(270,74): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `FlareLayer’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

teamviewer baglanarak sorunları düzeltti.teşekkürler.güvenilir satıcı

admob reklamı nereye koyuyoruz

English please..

Can you Please send documentation File?

Please resolve the build error

Please use Unity 4.6.5 for better compatibility…


i buy your code yesterday. where is the reskin document & explain where we change ad ids & bundle id. Tansal_Technologies

hi, i am sending you the docs here..