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Your system seems te be offline. I was going to use it with my Wordpress site. Can you tell me when the service is up and running again?

What is the limit of sending the email, can we check the reports.

Amglide – Which system is offline? Our app is functional and Mad Mimi is up and running on their end. Let me know what you’re having a problem with.


The application doesn’t send the mail, it in connects your wordpress site to Mad Mimi so you can mail through them. Check out madmimi.com for details on their mailing accounts.

Hi, congratulations for your file, looks good. Can you send me more information about your file? (more Screenshots) Or help text. I am interesting in your file. I wait you information, thanks…

What information are you looking for in particular?

The screenshot is really the only user accessible part of the program. Everything happens behind the scenes.

What questions did you have about the software?

Ok, the screenshot is very small and the people can see what options can configure. I only can see like put the API . But I see that have more options that can be configured. Today for you information can acces to a create a Madmami and its great.

I want to know how works your file. If can configure a form for suscribe or as you mention that can add the users from Wordpress automatically. If the suscribers to my wordpress (users) in the moment that close the account unsuscribe automatic to the Madmami account too.

Thanks for you help.


I’m having trouble understanding your most recent post. I’m not really sure what you are asking. All of the options for the script are shown in the screenshot. The input fields are:

madmimi account name madmimi api key madmimi audience name

There are two buttons. The first button saves the settings. The second button allows you to sync your existing wordpress users list with your madmimi audience.

Once the plugin is activated and configured, all new user registrations are synced with your madmimi audience automatically. The bottom button allows you to sync users that signed up before you installed the plugin.

Excelent… thanks this is the informationt that I needed.

About you screenshot the true is very small and is not possible read the options. (I download the image and zoom in and is not very legible).

But thanks for you information. I will today buy your product.

Thanks to you for give me the oportunity of know about the MadMimi service.


Just purchased and installed on Wordpress 3.2.1. I’ve entered all my information in from Mad Mimi (Case sensitive), but when I attempt to batch subscribe, I get the message:

Batch Subscribe failed! Please check the settings below.

I also notice that when I uploaded the plugin, in the plugin section, it lists the BigTie! plugin twice, one is activated, one is not. But if I delete one, it deletes both!

Is BigTie! out of date, and I just didn’t get the memo? Or am I doing something simple…and wrong.


Let me look into this. Its still running fine on all of my sites. Who are you hosting with?

Do you still support this plugin? I have some issues, I don’t think it works properly.

Hi author, can you confirm if this plugin is still working?