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So roughly how long would you say that it would take this to import ~250k rows?

Large files are supported. Script stops you can continue where you left off

We know Big Dump is an open source script and is therefore free. Can you tell me the improvements you have in this PHP script?

Is the script secured by an encrypted password?

Can it be used to download the SQL files as well as upload?

Thank you

Do I need to do something with the 3 sql files that are included with the script?

You can install multiple sql files

I understand that, but are those 3 files needed for the script for any reason or are they examples you have included with the script?

Hello, appear many errors like this:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '----CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp_bp_messages_messages` (`id` bigint(20) NOT NU' at line 1

How should I export the database from phpMyadmin to avoid problems?



After filling the data from mysql server … the page is white …

seems to be missing scripts …...

what do I do?

System requirements PHP5.2 + If you give the contents of the error_log. Not have any problems in the script.

enter your email, I’ll pass the link containing the PHP version> 5.2 and containing your system.

in my analysis, the problem is related to the SESSION, it does not record the session with information on the VIA BANK POST.

If this script works as advertised then I am really interested in it! I know that importing a large SQM backup file using phpMyAdmin will generally not work so I am hoping this is the solution to my problems! It says it can import an SQL file of any size. If you would like to provide me a copy of the script, I will test it really well and write a nice tutorial article promoting the script with full credit and links to purchase on my Web Developer Blog THe site receives a lot of traffic from Google every day and generates lots of referrals for anything I write or promote. Because your script could be useful to myself and a lot of my website visitors, I am willing to do a promotional article explaining all it;s features, with screenshots and a good review. It’s almost guaranteed to get you many new sells. Contact me if you are interested! Thanks

Internal Server Error

everytime i try to use it