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Congrats! Nice work :)

Thanks a Lots..

it’s only back office website ?

i don’t get what is the refer list

sometime’s community center and other’s people refer people and parlour owner’s offer’s them some percentage. this option manage referer percentage

no appointments ???

Coming soon with Beuto V.2

we add appointments / booking system.. pls chk now

please can you email me when have update ? it’s interesting but this version seems missing thing.

actually its mainly beauty parlour billing system. we are working for total beauty parlour solution too, when its ready we will mail you.. you can follow us for get next update

we add appointments / booking system.. pls chk now

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks a Lots…

any timeline for v2? interested in appointment feature

we will try our best to add this feature within this month.. just follow us we will remind u after updated

we add appointments / booking system.. pls chk now

Hello, Can you make the system to handle multiple saloons such that i the owner, just connect ustomers to a variety of saloons. With this i mean, some one visits the site, views available saloon and then make a selection of a saloon to book for a service. It should have the option to book, ability to select a service to be offered, offline payment,paypal and for me pesapal.com payment gateway would work perfect. The sample API is here:http://developer.pesapal.com/how-to-integrate/php-sample Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

you can follow my id..we will update you

Hello, I have also noticed that at the booking form, the form should have the possibility to select beauticians basing on their specialty and price.

Secondly, customers should be able to register for an account. But as you said that you are working on a beauty parlor system, Then we are waiting for it.

Thank you Ronnie

How add an appointment?

you can add Beautician from admin panel. people’s can booking from http://siteurl/booking.php ( on demo: http://parlour.rexbd.net/booking.php )

hi, there have simple front end we can customised for visitors ?

just edit index.php file.. its easy??

yes but impossible, it redirect to home

way1: you can use an landing page, install our system on any folder, than link with our system from your landing page.

way2: you can edit ../files/index,php as you need.

hello, when i’m in bautician list, i click and don’t see link open . (what beautician do ?)

Sorry i cant understand. Can you pls clear it

hey there. I got 2 questions about Beuto. 1) Can I translate the content in Turkish? 2) Do you have any plan about white label? Thanks

Answer Below: 1# you can translate by editing script or using google translate. 2# can u elaborate meaning of white label you are asking ?


do you have plan to add - employees ? like users to open the system ? - simple POS (point of sale) so the employee can make invoices and bills - simple report system for the sales and employees - SMS plugin fro booking system

no those system not available on this system bcz its beauty parlour management and your requirement matched with pos / inventory. you can chk this: http://codecanyon.net/item/workx-showroom-service-center-stock-inventory/13653077

Hello, just bought the item. How to delete customers?

Also there is ome error in addcustomer.php after trying to add new customer

Notice: Undefined variable: err2 in /home/neutr401/public_html/cust/demos/mooi/addcustomer.php on line 48

Notice: Undefined variable: err1 in /home/neutr401/public_html/cust/demos/mooi/addcustomer.php on line 48

Could you please check and provide a solution? Thank’s!

There are no possible reason for showing error, can you pls give me ur site url with user/pass..

There are no booking.php in your winzip ? Maybe you missed adding that ?


Can add service, beautician but cannot delete ?

yes delete option not included there. you may need to edit them. is you need delete option urgently? if yes than tell me we will add those. pls come on skype: RIFAT636

Hello, I have again checked your script and i have noted that its also important a customer to have the option to book an appointment with a service provider direct and not the administrator to decide for the customer. This means that when a customer is booking for an appointment, he or she is able to view all service providers and select according to description service provider , ratings,reviews and votes in favor of a service provider from the customers already used that service provider.

Also its important to consider making your system complete with the ability to paypal for invoices via paypal or OFFLINE.

Thank you Ronnie

Thanks for your guideline.. we will try our best to do something;s nearly as you say


sribuy Purchased


how i bill a customer please help

chk generate invoice option

Does Beuto have multi-language support?

No. Just english, if u need we can add google translator for multiple language

hi, i recently purchased this software. I’m unable to edit customer information. (e.g. customer mobile number, age).

please advise, i don’t want to be editing via database

can u pls mail me ur site url with cpanel access

how to add users to the system? like admin can add a employee to manage the system? and does it have reporting part? can you customize it?

admin can add customer. yes if you need we can customized it. pls knock us on skype. our skype ID: RIFAT636

hello great product.. How do I change the currency? Also my change password doesnt work?

pls mail us ur cpanel address we will solve password problem