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Hello, it’s compatible with Wp 4.9.x ? Thanks

I would buy it, but first I would like to know if it is compatible with WP 4.9 ?

Yes it is compatible with 4.9+

Hello, i activate and personalize style of form in my website, under contruction now, but the style not apply correctly… i send you mail two days ago, please i need help. My theme is Impreza 4.3.10 and my wordpress latest version.

I have a latest version 1.1.8 and i stop de coming soon page. The form is here: when I personalize the colors, style, etc. it looks correctly but when you save it and publish it you lose the style.

OK, looking into it for you.

thanks, I hope an answer, if you need I sent you by email screenshots with the styles and the error.

Hello, wanted to ask if it’s possible with your plugin to create a drop down like here: ?

Hey MartiskaSon, Yes you can create custom dropdowns for sure. Those are actually just styling the fields and using the browser drowpdown. You can actually customize the dropdown itself with this plugin. Cheers, Heath


Zeon Purchased

Hi! Can I use redirects after form submission with your plugin?

Hi Zeon, Not out of the box. This plugin is just for restyling contact form 7 inputs and selects. You can however use in combination with another plugin to get that result, or just add some javascript to redirect. Cheers, Heath

HI There. This plugin looks perfect for what I need. Before I purchase it, does the plugin help with columns in cf7?

The plugin doesn’t support it at the moment. But it uses the same concept. I will add this to the next release. How soon do you need it?


A gentle reminder to respond to my support email and/or refund request.

Thank you.


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I use the plugin on this webpage: As you can see the 2 columns have no margin, they stick together. How can I get some room in between the 2 columns?

Cheers, Marc

Hi Marc,

I will add some documentation for the columns short code. I’ll also add some extra settings as well so you can control the gutters/margin between each column. Controlling the width is a bit harder, with responsiveness, so I probably won’t do that. At the moment it distributes each column within the row evenly.

If you re-enable the plugin I can help you get your columns setup.

Cheers, Heath


htusco Purchased

Just re-enabled the plugin …


htusco Purchased

the plugin is re-enabled!


3Q Purchased


I really love your plugin… before purchase i have couple of questions;

1. Does it support RTL Arabic Version? 2. FILE UPLOAD can be fully customized? the button styles and change default word; Choose File ?

If so i will purchase right away…

Awaiting Thanks.

1. As long as your theme supports RTL the plugin should work fine. 2. Yes you can customize the file input and change the label. At the moment the label is global thouhg, so all file inputs will share the same label.

Hope that helps.

HI Heath. Please can you assist me. I am having an issue with the Bettr CF7 plugin. It is causing a duplicate dropdown on my user registrations that cannot be selected. This means no users can register on my online store. I have had to diable the plugin in the meantime, but now, none of the dropdowns in CF& work on mobile devices.

Hi Vaughn,

Can you tell me what version of the plugin you are using, what version of the WP and the theme.

Cheers, Heath

Hi, I’ve sent you a message some days ago concerning some troubles on the acceptance field. With plugin enabled, checkbox is automatically located after the acceptance text (I’d like it to be before the text) and not clickable. The only way to enable the “send” button of the form is by clicking on the acceptance text, which is strange. If I deactivate your plugin, checkbox is correctly located before acceptance text and clickable.


Thank you very much for the plugin

I have a question, in designing I can see a preview of the form but when I keep it looks different than I did why is it happening?


I’m facing dublicate of all feilds. It not overriding excisting setup.

Hi, is it already possible to style single forms on one website?

Hi, I am using the ‘Smart’ theme, and when I try to select color options nothing happens when I click the links. The color selectors aren’t loading at all. The sliders work. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome.