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for pre-sales question: Is this plugin can detect the users current location?

I have some pre-sale questions:

1) Can I use this plugin without visual composer? 2) Can you tell me how the shortcode for the weather widget looks like? I have to know that because I am working with variable via the Custom Content Shortcode plugin and I need to check this first. 3) Is this plugin full responsive and lightweight?

Thank you! It looks nice at the first view.

Hi, I just purchased this plugin and can’t get it to work… I have it installed and set the API, but the weather is saying it is 80 degrees (in March in New England, nope), and I can’t get the photos to display. So, I don’t think this plugin works at all! Can you assist?


I wrote to support 10 days ago but nobody has answered me yet.

Please help your customers to find a solution and solve this issue.

Thanks Giulio

Sounds interesting, your demo page does not work though… There are errors all over the place – You may want to fix these? “Incorrect Location Entered location ( lat and lang ) is incorrect” There is a PHP warning refering to functions.php as well..

Does your plug-in have the ability to have multiple locations in one panel that slides through each location?

Hi, why your plugin cannot display this data: Humidity: 58% Clouds: 40% Wind(S): 16mph ? Thanks!

I’m definitely not happy. Bought it and found that it consistently displays the wrong date with Open Weather, Yahoo, or forecasts.io (now Dark Sky I guess). I didn’t try the 4th source of data because I don’t want to pay $25 a month for it. I set it for the latitude and longitude for Las Vegas, as given in one of the data sources, 36.1663,-115.1492, and confirmed that with Google Maps to make sure it was accurate. I named it “Las Vegas, NV” or it comes back as LASVEGAS, which looks bad on the screen.

The problem is that the time is WAY off. The apps that show a night sky flip over at about 5 pm PDT, and so does the day. The night thing is annoying, but doesn’t happen with some data sources, but all three have the wrong day—they’ve already moved ahead to the next day at 5 pm.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to address this, and now I see that there is no support for this. Sure, it was only $14, but I expected it to work, not just look nice. If the author would like to respond to these comments, that would be great. Otherwise, this is not a useful plugin.

If you’re searching for time zone or timezone, I should have included those key words in my comment, since that’s the problem.

do you support traditional chinese language?

I saw the notification for update, but the file and change log don’t reflect…. is there really an update? Thanks in advance

Hello, That wasn’t plugins update! We only updated the tags and description.

BetterStudio, Ali

Hi, this does not work with VC5.2 ?

I would like to use this for a outdoor sports club website. Is it possible to show and automize: Weather for the upcoming weekend?

Hello, Unfortunately it only supports weather for next 4 days.

BetterStudio, Ali

Is this new Yahoo Supported—- Important EOL Notice If you are using weather.yahooapis.com as your weather endpoint, it is retiring soon. Please update your apps to use weather via YQL https://query.yahooapis.com.


Netleaf Purchased

I left a support ticket 5 days ago, and I see a lot of ticket with month ago that doesn’t have answer…All I need to know is how to translate some word from yahoo weather that are not in your translation database yet. Like breezy and mostly sunny. Thank you.

Same question as Netleaf: want to know if any new update will enhance the reach of the translations… Could be last update from September 2016?


dovito Purchased

How can I get the inline widget to show without the non breaking space. I would like to make it show on the same line. How an I remove the non breaking space and make it inline

Hi I’ve found this plugin is conflicting with my theme customise settings, on this wordpress admin page … wp-admin/customize.php. When activated all the theme settings disappear. Is this a known issue?

Hello, Please create a ticket in support to check your site. http://community.betterstudio.com/supports/support/themes-support/publisher-support/

BetterStudio, Ali


maxhitech Purchased

Dear Better-Studio, I understand that at this point you are very busy because of the new version of Publisher… I wrote you a ticket… Could you at least write when you are free to solve it?

Hello, Sorry about delay. Yes please do that. thanks

BetterStudio, Ali

Hi there,

Your plugin is conflicting with the Avada Theme’s Fusion Builder. I have tried to leave a support ticket however registrations for your support system is closed.