Better Weather - Weather Forecast WordPress Widget

Better Weather - Weather Forecast WordPress Widget

It is a gorgeous and have wealthy WordPress local weather forecast widget ( and weather Visual Composer add-ons ) with extremely smart responsive design! merely put that in anywhere with any width to your web site and magic happens! It’s the best WordPress weather forecast plugin for WordPress uses latest and multiple weather api sources to show weather forecasts.

Change Logs
Version 3.1.0 – Sep 14th, 2016
- Added: 3 New weather source added ( its 4 currently) to be flexible and powerfull for when your location data is better with other weather sources!
       - Currently supported weather sources:
       1- Yahoo Weather
       3- Open Weather Map
       4- Aeris Weather

- Improved: All codes rewritten from scratch to be quicker and also we done this to add new functionality easier in next versions.
- Improved: Ajax functionality removed and it shows weather 4x faster.
- Improved: Admin style of panel and Visual Composer improved.
- Improved: Translation panel improved to be compatible with other weather sources.
- Improved: Weather Images changed.

- Fixed: Compatibility code for migration from versions older than 1.5 was removed.

Note: V3.0 was private update for testing new weather sources to keep you from unwanted bugs and issues ;)
v2.0 – 18 Apr 15
- NEW: Options to change all background image and background color of all forecasts added.
- NEW: Options to change each forecast background image and background color added.

- Improved: Style fixed and improved.
v1.6 – 12 Apr 15
- NEW: Fully WPML support added.
- NEW: New translation texts added to admin panel.
- NEW: Admin panel redesigned to simple and better usage.

- IMPROVE: Style fix & improvement.
v1.5.5 – 30 Dec 14
- NEW: "Dry and Mostly Cloudy" text added to translation panel.
- NEW: "Dry and Mostly Cloudy DF" text added to translation panel.
v1.5.4 – 27 Dec 14
Added: "Dry and Partly Cloudy" & "Dry and Partly Cloudy DF" texts added to translation panel.
v1.5.3 – 26 Dec 14
Added: "Breezy and Mostly Cloudy" text added to translation panel.

Fix: version 1.5.2 new texts bug fixed.
v1.5.2 – 26 Dec 14
Added: "Flurries", "Flurries DF", "Overcast DF" texts added to translation panel.

Updated: BetterFramework Updated to v1.3.4.
v1.5.1 – 14 Dec 14
Added: Addvanced Option panel added.
Added: Options for translating texts in admin added.
Added: Options for changing and clearing cache added.
Added: Options for importing and exporting options added.
Added: New texts added to forecast states.
Added: Inline widget added.
Added: Admin panel API key help added.
Added: Visual Composer 1.4.3 compatibility added.

Improvement: Version number added to assets for clearing browser cache in next updates.
Improvement: Documentation Updated.

Fix: ajax.php file removed and plugin uses WP default ajax file for improving security.

Updated: BetterFramework Updated to v1.3.3.

Note: v1.5 was a private version that we used in our themes.
v1.4.1 – 8 Sep 14
Improved: Overall style was polished also some css issues fixed.
V1.4 – 3 Sep 14 – Important Update
Fix: The ?Better Weather Error: No any data received from!? bug fixed completely and now it works in all servers perfectly.

Improvement: Cache System rewritten completely and WP inner cache system used for best compatibility with cache plugins.
Improvement: 65% of backend PHP code rewritten again for better performance. 
v1.3 – 21 May 14
Added: Option to Select Showing Temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius Unit.
Added: Option to Hide/Show Temperature Units.
Added: Option to Hide/Show Location Name.
Added: Option to Hide/Show Date.

Improvement: Cache System Rewrite For Better Functionality and Fixing a Bug.
Improvement: Cache Time Increased to 30min.
Improvement: Documentation Updated

Fix: Some style fixes
v1.2 – 2014/5/15
Added: Auto Detect User Location via IP and Default location fallback.

Improvement: Documentation Updated

Fix: Ajax calls warning error on some servers with specific settings.
Fix: Some style fixes
v1.1.1 – 2014/5/13
Fixed: Translation bug with Codestyle Localization plugin fixed.
v1.1 – 2014/5/13
Added: New: Retina ready added.

Improvement: Inner plugin helps updated.
Improvement: Documentation Updated.
v1.0 – 2014/5/12
- First Public Version