Better Weather - WordPress and Visual Composer Widget

Better Weather - WordPress and Visual Composer Widget

It is a gorgeous and have wealthy WordPress local weather widget ( and Visual Composer add-ons ) with extremely smart responsive design! merely put that in anywhere with any width to your web site and magic happens!.

Change Logs
v2.0 – 18 Apr 15
- NEW: Options to change all background image and background color of all forecasts added.
- NEW: Options to change each forecast background image and background color added.

- Improved: Style fixed and improved.
v1.6 – 12 Apr 15
- NEW: Fully WPML support added.
- NEW: New translation texts added to admin panel.
- NEW: Admin panel redesigned to simple and better usage.

- IMPROVE: Style fix & improvement.
v1.5.5 – 30 Dec 14
- NEW: "Dry and Mostly Cloudy" text added to translation panel.
- NEW: "Dry and Mostly Cloudy DF" text added to translation panel.
v1.5.4 – 27 Dec 14
Added: "Dry and Partly Cloudy" & "Dry and Partly Cloudy DF" texts added to translation panel.
v1.5.3 – 26 Dec 14
Added: "Breezy and Mostly Cloudy" text added to translation panel.

Fix: version 1.5.2 new texts bug fixed.
v1.5.2 – 26 Dec 14
Added: "Flurries", "Flurries DF", "Overcast DF" texts added to translation panel.

Updated: BetterFramework Updated to v1.3.4.
v1.5.1 – 14 Dec 14
Added: Addvanced Option panel added.
Added: Options for translating texts in admin added.
Added: Options for changing and clearing cache added.
Added: Options for importing and exporting options added.
Added: New texts added to forecast states.
Added: Inline widget added.
Added: Admin panel API key help added.
Added: Visual Composer 1.4.3 compatibility added.

Improvement: Version number added to assets for clearing browser cache in next updates.
Improvement: Documentation Updated.

Fix: ajax.php file removed and plugin uses WP default ajax file for improving security.

Updated: BetterFramework Updated to v1.3.3.

Note: v1.5 was a private version that we used in our themes.
v1.4.1 – 8 Sep 14
Improved: Overall style was polished also some css issues fixed.
V1.4 – 3 Sep 14 – Important Update
Fix: The “Better Weather Error: No any data received from!” bug fixed completely and now it works in all servers perfectly.

Improvement: Cache System rewritten completely and WP inner cache system used for best compatibility with cache plugins.
Improvement: 65% of backend PHP code rewritten again for better performance. 
v1.3 – 21 May 14
Added: Option to Select Showing Temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius Unit.
Added: Option to Hide/Show Temperature Units.
Added: Option to Hide/Show Location Name.
Added: Option to Hide/Show Date.

Improvement: Cache System Rewrite For Better Functionality and Fixing a Bug.
Improvement: Cache Time Increased to 30min.
Improvement: Documentation Updated

Fix: Some style fixes
v1.2 – 2014/5/15
Added: Auto Detect User Location via IP and Default location fallback.

Improvement: Documentation Updated

Fix: Ajax calls warning error on some servers with specific settings.
Fix: Some style fixes
v1.1.1 – 2014/5/13
Fixed: Translation bug with Codestyle Localization plugin fixed.
v1.1 – 2014/5/13
Added: New: Retina ready added.

Improvement: Inner plugin helps updated.
Improvement: Documentation Updated.
v1.0 – 2014/5/12
- First Public Version