Discussion on Better User Chat for BuddyPress

Discussion on Better User Chat for BuddyPress

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Presales. Does it have an option to chat a specific user by user id? If I wanted users to contact specific user?

Pre sales. Any shortcode or feature to contact/chat with specific user?

Hello, is the following problem solved inwhile and is an update planed:


I have to give this a one star rating. It has caused my Wordpress based site major problems which I will describe.

I have around 300 site members, but over 2000 in the BP database who did a free trial.

My first time using this plugin, it listed all 2000+ users and the devs were responsive – giving me a css code to show only those user s online.

So everything looked fine but there were huge problems brewing

My host, WPengine (one of the top hosting platforms) informed me that they moved my site to an “emergency server” – because I was using too many system resources.

It turns out, the “Better User Chat” plugin was doing close to 1 million queries a day to the database – as shown by the log files. So, more than likely the plugin was doing these 2000+ requests either with each user or maybe even each page load.

Since deleting the plugin, activity on the site has gone back to normal, according to the techs.

As you can imagine, this has cost me enormous time and hardship. I am currently re-scheduling a migration back to a normal server environment.

Buyer beware!”


Hello I would to ask there is a limitation on the max concurrent users?

Hello, There is no limit, its Ajax based and totally depends on your server.

Pre-sale : 1- is compatible with WP 5.8.2 and PHP 8.1 and BuddyPress 9.1 ? / 2- Is RTL fully support ? / 3- Is integrated with BuddyPress messages database or have separated one (if no have you plan to add it)?

I’m planning to migrate to a different chat plugin. Due to no updates and online users not displaying first.

2 Questions: 1: is there a way to add a button to the user profile on the “activity” bar. so right next to “My Friends” My Groups”....add a button called “Chat” so when clicked it will auto launch the chat widget to that user for chatting?

2. Is the Ajax chat integrated with the default buddypress/buddyboss chat system. so if you chat on the “chat page” for buddypress, the messages will also be in the ajax window for later if the user leaves the default chat page of buddypress

1. Currently we don’t have such feature.

2. This plugin has separate chat database and it doesn’t get merged with default buddypress messages.

Hi in the current chat plugin.. there are 3 sections.. one is for recent chats which are done, 2nd is all members section, 3rd one is groups.

Why is the 1st section slow to load, is it possible to speed the loading time of the 1st section, that is recent chats?

Your support ticket has been replied. For any further technical issues, please contact customer support.

When messages are sent back and forth, the history shows in the chat system, but not in the users message history – is there a way to fix this?

The plugin has separate database table for storing the chat messages. It is designed in such a way that buddypress messages and chat messages can’t be merged.

Hello, it seems to be a very good chat plugin, but on your demo site, I close the chat, but if I change page, the chat opens again, and this at each page change, even if each time we close the window, it’s a shame… Regards.

There is an option in admin settings to keep the plugin minimised.

Hi, i have submitted a ticket, did you see it? Ticket id is 627 Thanks.

It has been answered.

your plugin seems, on the one hand modern and design, and seems to be what I am looking for.
However I have 3 pre-purchase questions:

1| It seems to be compatible with Buddypress, from what I see on your demo site. Can you confirm?

2| I find, however, a pity, to have just an option where the chat is in the bottom right, (like Facebook messenger) Is it possible to integrate it directly into a whole page (Chats/Friends/groups tab) on the left or bottom, and the chat room or groups on the right,) but in full width. Like on Discord, for example?

3| For the admins: Possibility to add rich text or WYSIWYG like on Discord, with “boot” message configured by admin, and which would be displayed automatically and randomly?



1. Yes its compatible with buddypress.

2. Currently, we have only chat bubbles like facebook.

3. No

We value your feedback and suggestions and will try to check for the possibilities to implement them.

Hi, ok thanks for response

Do the BuddyPRess users need to be “friends” to be able to chat with each other? Also your demo does not seem to be working

Yes, The demo is working fine. Please open the demo site seperately without codecanyon header and login with the credentials provided there.

Hi! I have a sticky footer (appstyle tadbar on mobile on my website. Is it possible to make the widget appeared on top of the footer and not behind? Thanks a lot

Css rules can be applied.

Would you help me with that after the purchase or is it not part of the support?

We can help on minor css changes.

Hey guys, Is there any possibility to get snippet code for bp-custom.php to add #wp-chat-frame .buc__chat-launcher to #wpadminbar and also maybe to #wpadminbar #wp-admin-bar-user-actions.ab-submenu? Basically to have same functionalities apart from adding launcher to Adminbar?

Thank you

We have only two usernames in codecanyon for the whole team.

What does that even mean? You could simply say we can’t provide you snippet instead of sending me to your Support page

Sorry for the inconvenience. Comment section is for presale questions or doubt.

For any technical issue, it is required to raise the ticket. As we need to check the support validity also.

Hi I’ll buy the plugin as soon as new update comes out with these features

1. I need to see online members first followed by members who were last online, then remaining people.

2. Support for mobile keyboard emojis

Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us to shape our plugin even better. We will try to find the possibilities to implement them.

When’s the next update coming..?

what it mean for “group chat”? is it chat option for buddypress group or just group chat?

Its a chat option for buddypress group.

I have a couple questions:

1. Is there a way to prevent messages from being deleted? 2. Is there a way to view all chat history between users?


1. Group messages can be deleted by admins only. 2. Sorry, its not possible due to privacy.

I’m totally disappointed to have bought this chat, why don’t you guys push my doubts on the support? I want help from time to time and I don’t have a CLEAR answer to solve my problems

We have responded to your ticket. We will try to help you with your queries. Support is for any issues or difficulty with existing functionality of plugin, it doesn’t include customisations.

the chat does not work if you click nothing happens, I downloaded the latest version but I get this error

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare buc_plugin_activate() (previously declared in /home/customer/www/*/public_html/*/wp-content/plugins/better-user-chat-for-bp/buc-loader.php:21) in /home/customer/www//public_html//wp-content/plugins/BUC v1.4.2/buc-loader.php on line 27

Kindly raise a support ticket. Our technical support team will help you.

I downloaded the update and the button to open a chat no longer works, do I have to pay for assistance due to your mistake?

Please raise the support ticket again and provide the website URL and credentials there.


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