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Looks interesting – but too many Coming Soons :) I will watch with interest as I don’t want a another plugin that also requires a load more extra plugins adding in order to achieve a task. If there was a fully featured single version which gives everything then that might be more of interest to me. Also keen to see how Media Management might work and ultimately how this may or may not improve useability of managing sites.

Keep up the good work, looks promising!

Thanks for your interest and feedback. BPM Pro is a comprehensive plugin that already has many core features included. it is our intent to offer BPM as a platform that is ever growing and evolving.

Think of BPM like you would of WP Bakery Visual Composer, a great platform with something for everyone. To keep cost very low for users, we decided to follow the same model of modularity. you only purchase the features you need at any given time.

There will be a trial version available on You can also try BPM Pro in our sandbox right now to further evaluate.


The Coming Soon features listing is just to inform users of the different add-ons we have intentions or are developing in-house.

Thanks again for your interest.

The BPM Team

Nice Work. GLWS DigitalCenturySF

Thanks, much appreciated.

Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks for your vote. There is much more to come.

Great job ! GLWS :)

Thanks. Spread the word.

Fantastic job!!

Thanks. Appreciated. Spread the word.

Looks good. More interested to see what happens with this and Custom Post Types. Also interested to see how this renders Beaver Builder etc..

Great news. A sandbox to install and check plugins are a great idea. However how will you monitor that someone doesn’t install a backup plugin and download the backup just to grab a copy of the main plugin?

Ha Ha. Great observation, maybe we may have to install the plugin for them. But, I think we can build a special version of BPM that only works in our environment and would be rendered useless on other hosting platforms.

BTW, here is a tweet with a gif of support for posts, pages, custom post types – port folio and team. However it support almost any custom post type you it sees and you activate in settings.

This plugin is great! It makes creating websites so much easier and manageable for people that are not so website creating savy.

Thanks. BPM was designed to support many different types of folk, from professional developers/designers, to agencies, entreprenuers – even beginners. We wanted to transform WordPress into a more friendly environment through the admin UI, to make pages, posts and more more manageable and useful. This is just our initial incursion into the WordPress ecosystem, specifically the admin section. Much, much more is to come. Stay tuned.

I run a digital marketing company, we create websites for our costumers through WordPress. This tool has facilitated productivity among our coders and website developers, its a great product, looking forward for all the coming soon additions!!!!

Thanks Fernando. We are elated to see that BPM is doing what it was designed to, increase productivity. Add-ons are coming soon.


presale question: I’m slightly puzzled by your statement: “BPM is currently available in Basic, Core and Pro versions. You pick the version that fits your needs. BPM Core and Pro versions are fully extensible with current and future add-ons.” And which version do I buy here on Codecanyon? What would I have to expect to buy in the future?

Great question. Thanks for your interest. Pro is currently available on CodeCanyon. Until Core is introduced, BPM Pro is being offered at a significantly reduced rate. Core, which does not include page duplication, search and other features integrated into build, but supports these features as installable addons will be available sometime this month on CodeCanyon. Of course, BPM Free edition will be available soon on

Pro currently includes the best features and will get a few more in the next few weeks and be upgradable directly here on CodeCanyon, including support for custom post types.

Core was developed to allow users to add features as they needed them and will be just as capable as Pro thru addons.

BPM Core, add-ons and a few other related plugins in this series will be trickling in and are currently being submitted or in the review process.

We will be offering access to BPM Pro Beta in a test sandbox soon, just as the current version is offered.

Again, thanks for your interest. please let us know of anymore questions, comments or suggestions. You can tryout BPM Pro at

Nice job. Looking forward to custom post types in Pro.

Any updates?

We are about to release it this week. think you will be very satisfied.

Thanks, looking forward to it.

Hey, your info page is offering the plugin for $1. How can I get that price. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest. Sorry, that was an introductory promo – description will change shortly. Actually this is the Pro version of the plugin which is packed with features and is still extremely marked down from the targeted price.

We will be releasing our free version on soon. It’s already ben approved. We also are releasing BPM Core which will be available at Pros price as of now. may do an introductory offer on that.

As a recommendation, Pro is the best version to get and will include upcoming updates such as support for multiple custom post types and other radical features. grab it while it is at this significantly low price. Actual plugin is $11. Envato charges a $4.00 fee on top of that.

Hello, I have a website containing more than 2500 pages and I find your plugin quite interesting to try.I have bought the pro version and downloaded a copy through your portal on codecanyon. for some reason when trying to install it I this message “Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.” i downloded, reuploaded and tried instllation couple of times. I am using WordPress 4.7.3 running Child Theme for Divi theme. I would really appreciate your suggestions

BTW, forgot to mention we will be adding quick edit features very soon. Our beta version will be released with better search and pagination, including infinite within the week. We are also adding a few algorithms to search that will perform different methods of querying based on certain criteria – mainly quantity of pages/views. WordPress is already quite naturally slow during search and other operations, but our goal is to fix that. Based on your comments/requirements, we have added that to our punch list prior to release.

We are also planning an enterprise version specifically for organizations that need robust management of large volumes, including collaboration and project management capabilities. Will keep you advised. If you want early access, that can be arranged as well to see if performance on 2500 pages is better.

Hello Unit_001, That will be great, I am happy to trial that version. I am keen to find a real solution for the issue

Great. We are working on the points you identified now for search and pagination. Quick edit and other features will be added in another update.


after installing your plugin, I can’t activate it, I get the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /clients/401112_904xx/websites/xxx/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/better-page-management_pro1.2rc8.2/includes/thumbnail_generator/class-bpm-thumbnail-engine.php on line 40

Are you familiar with setting up a temporary user with super admin privileges in WordPress? Who is your hosting company? Once you create a temporary account in WordPress, please send via support area here

Thanks – but I can’t send you a private message through the link, you gave me – I can just post in the comments section. Please provide me with an other contact method / email address.

I received your message. We are evaluating now.

Curious what happened to the update that was supposed to be out months ago?

Will send you a test version, use messaging to send your email address. We are re-engineering a few things to make it even greater.

Okay, that didn’t go to well. Never heard back after doing as you requested. Hoping to see update soon. Thanks

Christmas looms….


I just purchased Better Page Management Pro WordPress Plugin (see below).

Please answer:

(1) Does it work with a LocalHost WP install?

(2) Can I use it on my LocalHost and the live website?

(3) Does it work with Elementor Pro page builder and the Astra Pro theme?

(4) How many posts and pages can it handle?

(5) Does it work with images and media?

Let me know, and thank you,


Better Page Management Pro WordPress Plugin Regular License 6 months support (expires on 10 Apr 2018) Purchase code: sent on request


I just purchased Better Page Management Pro WordPress Plugin (see below).

Please answer:

(1) Does it work with a LocalHost WP install?

(2) Can I use it on my LocalHost and the live website?

(3) Does it work with Elementor Pro page builder and the Astra Pro theme?

(4) How many posts and pages can it handle?

(5) Does it work with images and media?

Let me know, and thank you,


Better Page Management Pro WordPress Plugin Regular License 6 months support (expires on 10 Apr 2018) Purchase code: sent on request

Thanks for your purchase. Better Page management is an awesome tool that was designed to be universally compatible with page builders/editors.

1. Does it work with a LocalHost WP install? BPM was designed to work with sites that are hosted in the cloud. It was initially developed for end users who normally host sites on the internet. All BPM functions will work offline on localhost except for thumbnail generation. pages, posts and custom post types will be represented as multiple, random color placeholders. We are exploring versions to support developers and agencies in the very near future who require offline support. The challenge is thumbnail generation which requires access to the site to generate remotely. We are working on integrating thumbnail generation to work on the local installation of WP, however the amount of load on the hosting platform may be to great for service providers to support. We are also looking at generating the thumbnails in realtime locally within browser. During the R&D phase of development, we explored all of the above and decided to go with the current option to bring this groundbreaking solution to market quickly. We are exploring other options now to support. A Chrome extension is being considered as a viable option in the near future for your localhost workflow.

2. localhost is not supported at this time, as mentioned above. However any live website, http and/or https hosted on a server connected to internet insures that all BPM functions will work as advertised including page/posts/custom posts thumbnail generation.

3. Does it work with Elementor Pro page builder and the Astra Pro theme? We tested BPM against page builders such as Visual Composer and others with no challenges. More testing will be implemented now including Elementor, however it should work since it has similar attributes similar to VC. Will advise you with an update in a few days.

4. Current version of BPM supports hundreds of pages simultaneously in the viewport while scrolling. In our beta version, we have added pagination, caching and other improvements to support larger websites that has 1,000s of pages/posts/custom post types while scrolling and searching. new version will be available soon in an update on Code Canyon.

5. BPM was designed to support extensibility via add-ons. our goal is to supplement/replace the WordPress admin area, one module at a time. Support for images, media and other types of content is coming soon as add-ons. You will be able to add, edit and manage images and media in a whole new way, real soon.

Thanks again for your purchase and continued interests in BPM. please let us know how we can help now and in the future. Also, if you have and suggestions or comments, please let us know.

Check for updates on our new site.

This is the future of BPM, Visual Design Studio.



Is there an update being contemplated on this plugin? I was told 11 months ago the update would be released “next week”. But nothing happened.

Then there was two months ago you said you would send me the test version if I sent you my email address. I did that and received no response.

Please let us know if you are still working on this project.

Thanks for your continued use of our plugin. Yes, there is continued development on it. We actually are rewriting the core of the plugin to increase performance and accuracy of the thumbnail generation. An update will be available very soon.