Better Net - ISP Billing with Mikrotik & Ticketing

Better Net - ISP Billing with Mikrotik & Ticketing

Better Net is an ISP billing application.

This application is build for Internet Service Providers to manage their clients more efficiently. Better Net provides a smart account management system that makes user billing and payments very easy for you.

Better Net integrates Mikrotik API. So you do not have to log into your Mikrotik router every time to perform simple tasks like creating user, changing user package, enable, disable and removing user from Mikrotik. You can do all these from Better Net admin panel.

However if you are not using Mikrotik, you can still use Better Net. All other features will be available.

The best thing is Better Net will also take care of user account based on your activity. Like automatically adjust bill when you create user or change his package.

Ticketing is one of the most important features of Better Net. A very simple, easy to use interface will help you to take care of user issues through tickets.

Better Net is a well coded application. It is written in PHP and is powered by Laravel 5.6 framework which makes the application very secure and stable.

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Main Features

Better Net is a simple, straightforward application to manage ISP billing. The main features include:

  • Smart admin dashboard
  • Automatically generate bill for all users with a single click
  • Automatic bill generation during single user registration
  • Automatic bill adjustment for changing package
  • Mikrotik API to create, disable and remove users in Mikrotik router
  • Mikrotik API to change user package in Mikrotik router from admin panel
  • Create new package for PPOE and HotSpot
  • View and edit packages
  • View all tickets at a glance
  • Sort tickets by title, user, date, status, last update and priority
  • View individual ticket with all comments
  • Comment on ticket
  • Close and reopen ticket
  • Create and edit user payments
  • View all users and their account balance
  • View and edit individual user
  • View individual user payment history
  • Add new user easily
  • New users will be added in Mikrotik automatically and his bill will be generated
  • View all and active PPOE and Hotspot from Mikrotik router
  • User panel
  • View personal details in user panel
  • View personal payment history in user panel
  • View all personal tickets
  • User can add, comment, close and reopen ticket from user panel
  • User can view all available packages from user panel
  • Responsive Design (mobile, table, desktop)
  • Token base forms to protect XSS attacks
  • Simple, easy to use user interface
  • Optimized for best performance
  • Very easy installation
  • Well documented
  • Free update
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Laravel 5.6
Demo login
E-mail address:
Password: 123456
E-mail address:
Password: 123456
Feel free to create your own user and try login as the user.
Please note that Mikrotik features are disabled in demo due to security reason. However, if you want to test the application for your own Mikrotik, send us a message and we will give you a link to test it real time.
Please read the documentation before using the application.