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Does it work with any theme – I use Enfold – if it works with that it’d be brilliant http://natureslens.co.uk/2014/05/tigers-of-bandhavgarh-in-2015/

Showing as v 1.1

That should be correct. Version 1.1 is the version with the new functionality.

So just to be sure, the plugin was active when you checked and didn’t see the checkboxes, right?

If so and the problem still exists, can you install the Send System Info plugin and send the generated system info via the contact form on my profile page? This information will allow me to investigate potential plugin conflicts and other possible issues. Sending the information via my contact form will ensure that only I will see your system configuration.

Sure – or I can go one better and give you an admin login to my site to have a poke around

Can you change the color?

My plugin has nothing to do with the appearance of your menu items. It only ensures that the proper menu item is actually highlighted. The colors and styles used is entirely up to your theme.

Hi, I encounter a weird effect. When activating the plugin the menu item for the blog is highlighted correctly but when on a single post, another menu item is highlighted. Any idea?

Thanks, Bernhard

New version works! I answered via email and outlined remaining problems. Thanks so far for your support! :-)

Excellent. I’m going to try again to get Code Canyon to update the plugin version. I’ve responded to your email and I’m thinking about how I could add support to the plugin for highlighting the main post type link when the user is on a category page.

Thanks for your help and the email. Will reply soon.

Hi, will this plugin work with “shopsy” wordpress theme? My site is based on shopsy wp theme: www.handcraftt.com Thanks

Yes. The Shopsy theme uses the built-in WordPress menu system, outputs the standard WordPress classes, and is therefore 100% compatible with this plugin.

So are you saying that if i create a custom post type the blog title will not highlight anymore like it use to annoyingly do?

Correct. Using the Better Menu Highlighting plugin, you will be able to configure a specific menu item to highlight when viewing one of your custom post type pages.

Thanks for solving this issue for me. I will buy it.

No problem. If you encounter any issues, just get in touch.

Thank Author, I’m Web developer. This plugin is great because it is compatible with theme use visual composer.Because I usually create menu link to page template design by visual composer and I want to highlight when I view single post or single page from this page template. Thanks again.Please continue to develop and update it

Thanks for the kind words! I’m definitely going to continue updates and support as long as people are interested.

Hello! Is there any way that it can be set for subsites off of a main site? We are using subsites for departments, and a network menu plugin (the main site menu is pulled to subsites) and it would be wonderful if the “Departments” tab would be highlighted when navigating within a department.

Do you mind pointing me to your site? I’d like to see first-hand what you have set up.

Just as promised, it JUST WORKS. Thank you for your help!!! Excellent plugin, highly recommended. The code is so pretty my eyes tear up looking at it.

Haha! Glad to have someone truly appreciate the code. :)

is it still working ?

thanks you still supporting this? does it work with videopro ? http://videopro.cactusthemes.com/

I do have an update I need to release, but the plugin does work and I am supporting it. The plugin should work with any theme that uses standard WordPress menus, so it should work with VideoPro as far as I can tell.

Hello, the plugin is still working? Best regards