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How do you include the API key?

Hello toomc,

please open a ticket with details to your website at support.wp-roots.com/upload/

I’m trying to the get the api key working, of course I’ve made assumptions because there is no documentation that I can find on how to get this working. This is the first time I have used this plugin since purchasing. I also tried opening a support ticket and I’m not sure that worked either as I did not get a ticket number.

I added this to line to roots-gmap-for-vc.php line 27, wp_enqueue_script(‘gmap-api’, ‘http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?key=AIzaSyCcxVEITu1shO05_.........&callback=initMap' );

The issue is at https://azpetproject.org/services/spay-neuter/

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for the prompt support Eduard.

For others : the google wildcards ( .example.com/ ) in the domain authorization did not work for me I had specify the url.

Hello, I already did 2 tickets on same problem, I do not get any answer and there is no documentation. My map is not showing at all, I guess I have to put the google map api key somewhere… Please help thanks Yves

It s been 11 days I did not get any answer. Please I bought your product and I can not use at all. As said in my 2 tickets, the map is not displayed I guess i need to enter somewhere the google api thanks

Hello Yves,

In the last ticket post I have asked you to please send me an URL where the plugin is being deployed and have not received any answer. Can you please get back to me on that and I will solve this very fast.

Thank you.

What ticket post ? It s been too many days, I bought another plugin. Could you send me a refund. Thanks Yves

Hi, i opened a ticket last week. I need an answer soon. Could you please check it soon? Thanks!!!

Can you please answer the ticket that I raised 4 days ago. Thank you

A new version of the plugin was uploaded to CC and it will be soon available. You should receive a notification letter.

Hi, I installed the version from 9th November. This install was fine and warning errors eliminated. I add the licence code but get more error messages on the map page http://optimizeddevelopment.net/metropol/map/. How do we remove these ? Thanks

Can you please answer or provide a refund as we cannot use the plugin as it is

HI, I have bought the plugin, installed it, but it is not working. Whenever I want to add a google map to a visual composer site, I can insert it, but the window opening up is not loading. I can’t add any data, I just get these failure messages: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘roots_better_maps_for_vc_map_settings’ in /.../wp-content/plugins/roots-gmap-for-vc/vc_extend.php on line 468

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘roots_better_maps_for_vc_markers_settings’ in /..../wp-content/plugins/roots-gmap-for-vc/vc_extend.php on line 479

Warning: array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /.../wp-content/plugins/roots-gmap-for-vc/vc_extend.php on line 539

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../wp-content/plugins/roots-gmap-for-vc/vc_extend.php on line 545

What can I do, as I really want to use the plugin? Thanks!

A new version of the plugin was uploaded to CC and it will be soon available. You should receive a notification letter.

Can you please release a version of the code that works or refund my payment. Thank you