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does with work with recurring payments?

Not sure it does. We haven’t tested yet.

Not working for me and rubbish Support from authur!


I don’t work on Thursdays.

If you have a media query please contact media@envato.com. For anything urgent please contact adam.noonan@envato.com. Otherwise I’ll respond tomorrow!

:-) That is the response above from this moron!!

I had to buy a $180 theme from Spotify because of this garbage attitude. I think I need to delete Envato and take my business somewhere else. Just garbage support. Second, theme bought in 24 hours and does not work!!

Thanks for nothing, no refund and no credit after spending ZAR1900.00 for full year support!! Assholes!!

Are you sure you know what you saying? what you bought is a woocommerce payment gateway. It’s a plugin, not a theme.

I replied your support question already. Not sure where your gripe is stem from.

Drop In UI not working, But Custom UI is working. Drop in UI did not even let place order button in woo work at all with other payment methods. Should fix

I just noticed yours isnt compatible yet but always vigilant to remain updated :D

Its working fine for our demo website running Woocommerce 2.5.x

I will get the plugin updated as soon as possible.

Hi, i just tested the plugin on a vagrant sandbox with WooCommerce 2.6.1 and WordPress 4.5.3. It is working fine for us.

Hi, does your Custom UI use Braintree’s hosted fields? We’re looking for a plugin with fields hosted on paypal/braintree servers for security purposes. Thanks!

Hosted fields is quite different from custom UI (https://www.braintreepayments.com/products-and-features/custom-ui) Our plugin uses the latter as we found using Hosted fields in WooCommerce a pain.

See the difference between them here https://github.com/braintree/braintree-web/issues/156

You updated the Plugin, Dont have changelogs???? Also the update does not show up in wordpress site i have to delete the plugin and install new one.. what is this?

We are sorry, that’s how the update of plugin works on codecanyon. However, we have plans to integrate a updater so u can update the plugin from WordPress dashboard.

Will add a changelog to it soon.

I have one customer who is having issues with this plugin, He is using Safari version 9.1 running on MacOSX. He is getting a error message missing or incorrect CC info. Im running version 1.0.1 of your plugin and custom UI Can you test this??

Can i see a URL to the said site? You can mail it to me via the contact tab in my profile due to privacy.

Hi, I am interested in this plugin but I have a question. If I use the custom UI form am I still PCI SAQ compliant?

Yes since no data ever hit / pass through your server hence the omission if named attributes in form fields.

To be double sure, enquire from the Braintree team.

Does this plugin support multiple merchant ID’s for different currencies?

No it doesn’t.

No it doesn’t.

No it doesn’t.

hi, does it support the vault? (membership renewal)

No it doesn’t.

This instantly broke my checkout page upon activation

@W3guy – read my first post, it breaks my checkout page the second I activate it, therefore, it doesn’t work.

Please let me know once the refund has been processed.

I will love to help fix this issue for you. Use the contact tab on my profile to send me your website credentials so I can look into this issue for you.

As mentioned, we’ve found a plugin that works and don’t have the time to troubleshoot a flawed plugin. Please process a refund. Thank you.

Once again – please refund my order, your plugin DOES NOT WORK

I would advise against anyone buying this broken plugin from a scammer of a “developer”

We are not scammer. Unless you allow us to help you fix any issue you claim to have, we don’t offer a refund simply because you decide not to use our plugin again.

How does venmo work? Any documentation on how to get started with venmo?

Venmo is no longer supported in Dropin UI checkout style.