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good job :) i wish you all the best for your sales ;) !

Thank you.

Hi W3Guy,

Does it working with latest woocommerce and WooCommerce Pay for Payment Plugins. I need a plugin which is able to process additional processing fees. Looking forward to your response.

Ofcourse. Note: you can’t do it with the current plugin on codecanyon. I will have to send u a link to download the updated plugin after wish, message us for the custom function. Start by shooting us a mail via the contact tab in my profile.

Message sent please send me the updated plugin…

Replied with the link to download it

This plugin I bought but not working

How is it not working? Can you open a ticket here https://omnipay.io/support/

I just want to ask a question before purchasing your plugin. on your demo site, the checkout goes to omnipay.io website. why it does not go to 2checkout directly? is it possible to get it working with 2checkout hosted checkout?

Hi, the gateway comes in two flavours, offsite and on-site. Should you activate the off-site option, users will be redirected to a 2checkout hosted page and then to your site when payment is complete.



I want to use “WooCommerce Subscriptions” with 2Checkout API onsite checkout.

Does this plugin support “WooCommerce Subscriptions” full features?


Sure but it will cost you hundreds of dollar. Shoot me a mail via the contact tab in my profile.

I just send you a message



Just tried a demo https://omnipay.io/woocommerce-demo/checkout/ – 2Checkout (Off-site Checkout) doesn work, no reaction on the click, no errors notices, simply no action. No js errors found. Its just notice for you …

Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

When I enable Test Mode end enter parameters from sandbox.2checkout.com I cannot complete any purchase, I always get Error Code:PE102 on 2checkout.com web site. So I can say that Test Mode does not work, please fix that.

After making test purchase, what happens? Follow this guide to setup header redirect https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/checkout/passback/return-setup/ leave the approve url blank because we set that on x_receipt_link_url level.

Take note: The redirect after purchase doesn’t work with 2checkout sandbox. it only work on production/live environment.

I have setup header redirect, and tested payment at live shop, everything is working great. Thanks for the help.

You welcome. Leave us a 5-star rating.


Shipping information is not passed to off page 2chechout payment. Please tell me how to fix the issue?

Could tell me which shipping information and method you want passed to 2checkout?

I want to pass free shipping or flat rate or weight based shipping with shipping information to 2checkout offsite payment page.

Currently that isn’t possible. We will try and see if that can be done in future version. Am afraid, no ETA

Hi is this compatible with the latest woocommerce v2.6.11?


Your onsite screenshot on the product page isn’t working. :-)

I also think you’d get less support requests and more sales if you published a change-log (at the top of the page) and if your screenshots showed more info about the setup on the 2CO side. There are lots of newbies here, judging from the comments on the other 2CO plugins, which no longer seem to be in development or supported. As there are three of them, some of them with more sales and product ratings, it may help pointing this out, and also what makes your plugin special.

A lof of people are looking for recurring payments through 2CO, so that may be a good start.

Cheers, Helmar


w3guy Author

Screenshot fixed.

> A lot of people are looking for recurring payments through 2CO, so that may be a good start.

Are you looking for support for recurring payment powered by woocommerce subscription?

Screenshot and reply: top! Recurring payments: not immediately, but mid-term, yes.


w3guy Author

Got it.