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jbboro3 Purchased

Why is this plugin doesn’t support mobile device? BET SLIPS APPEARS ONLY IN WIDGET WHICH IS NOT SUITABLE IN MOBILE DEVICE.. Is there a shortcode to get it work with mobile device? I don’t seems to find shortcode for bet slips. Thanks

The bet slip is showed in a widget as this is the most appropriate way following the WordPress standards according to us. It is your theme’s responsibility to give you enough flexibility so you can place your widgets wherever you like to. What I can suggest as a solution to your problem is to install a plugin which will give you the ability to use widgets as shortcodes. Anyways, I want to explicitly point out that the plugin does support mobile devices. Your argument of saying the opposite is too opinionated. And it is somehow unfair to blame the plugin in my eyes.

Sorry for bad comments… my saying is that – most mobile device usually doesn’t use sidebar wdgets.. so there is no other way when it does’t have shortcode

I understood your problem but it is more related to your theme than the plugin. Note that widgets are not meant to be only on “sidebar” as you are saying. It is the theme that has to give you the ability to place your widgets wherever you like, not just on the sidebar.

Hi, What short code do I need to display a sport and with the display in the closed position so that it does not create a huge list. Thanks

Hi, you would need the betpress_bettings shortcode with the sport attribute like so [betpress_bettings sport=”martial arts”]

For more about the shortcodes, you can refer to the documentation – http://web-able.com/betpress/docs/#!/shortcodes

Also, please use the contact support form for more questions if you don’t mind :)

Does the work for Australian NRL?

It works for every sport. If you ask if that sport is semi-automated – I can’t guarantee you because the data is controlled by 3rd party service that can be changed anytime.


lopezomg Purchased

How can I display coins + bet on this plugin. It’s not letting me do either of those right now.

Please use the support form as this here is a comment section. Also, explain your questions in more details because I am unable to understand what you want exactly to achieve.

Do not buy this plugin. There is no all functionality is introduced manually, it is not described in this description of the product. We are deceived DO NOT BUY! ! !

Please, avoid making such false statements. Everything is explained. Also, there is a demo where you can see how everything works. Also, there is detailed documentation. I don’t see how you can be miss-leaded to buy the plugin if you are not satisfied with the features it provides. And finally, if you somehow were miss-leaded please open refund request and we will be happy to refund you!

Plugin is not worth the money! Too expensive to cut features, everything must be done manually and to retype! I hope more people see my comment, and not lie so well, I lied and I paid for something I can not even use!

I can’t understand one thing – why don’t you ask for refund?