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I would like to create a simple betting system without ODD and STAKE, only the person buying the points and betting on which team will win, is it possible?

Not with the default setup but can be achieved with small tweaks here and there

Hello everyone, to trying to configure the plugin, I would like to see some website with it already installed could someone help me?

Not sure why you need that but you can use the demo: http://web-able.com/betpress/demo

Hello, i want to ask you… :)

This is the standard style of betpress.. : http://web-able.com/betpress/demo/

But, is it possible that the toggles are closed? Like so.. : fun-bets.eu

Could you tell me what line I change to achieve this?


Hey, there is no build-in feature for this. So indeed, the only way to achieve this is if you edit the files by yourself or hire a developer. I was helping for free for such simple problems but not anymore due to the amount of disrespect I faced.


How can a user change/cancel the submitted betting slips?

Regards, Srinath.

There is no such feature

Hello, how can I check the games won / lost automatically? By pressing “Check all pending tickets” or “Check all tickets”

The bets continue to appear as Awaiting.

Can it be done automatically from the plugin?

Please use the support contact form and provide your license key

Is this item no longer supported with the latest version of WP? My auto insert stopped working. Even fresh install doesn’t show up insert list options.. How do I trouble shoot? Thanks

I see that data doesn’t insert to database so it remains empty, maybe no data is coming from third party source?

Please use the support contact form and provide your license key

Any chance to reach you? Since I’m intersted in this plugin but I would need a few customizations on that.

Sure, just write an email to office at web-able dot com

can this plugin get the data from “betfair api” to get the games data