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The perfect user access control script for projects currently in Beta.

What is BetaLock

BetaLock makes shielding a website that you’re developing nice and easy, whilst allowing testers and clients easy access to review progress.

Users or groups of users can be assign login details, then based on their assigned role (developer, client, staff, tester, etc…) you can control what pages or sections of pages they can view.

BetaLock also makes building a mailing list / beta signup invitation list of interested customers easy for your client.

Visitors are intercepted by BetaLock’s fully customiseable script, then guided back to their desired destination or, if you wish, redirected to a set page.


  • Easy setup
  • Protect a page with just one line of code
  • User account sign in.
  • Role based page protection
  • Ability to authorize set IP address therefore not needing to sign in
  • No database – any email addresses collected are stored in a secure CSV file.
  • Progress bar
  • 4 Responsive templates – great for mobile and tablet users [bootstrap]

check out the live demo and links to full documentation for more information.

If you have require any assistance or customisation of the form please contact me

Change Log

Version 1.0.1 minor release – bug fix & improved documentation.