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This is what I was looking for! I see on page 1 you say "I will think for a option which displays a box for the requester’s e-mail (and a button in the administration slide wich can send randomly X numbers of invitations)."
Did you figure that out? I am needing an easy way for Admin side to simply enter an email address to send an automated invite with a code.

I did not made this change, due to a very few requests about it. Anyway, it is pretty easy to do.

Hello, I’ve juste one question please. I’ve this error message : “Your beta code is wrong…” though the password is correct.

Could you help me please ?

Thanx in advance!

In fact it’s good it works! I did not understand how the script works with the Administration section. Sorry! Super script anyway!

Thanks for purchasing :)

If a user clears their cookies then the beta code becomes invalid?

Hello fash_hd, and thank you for purchasing BetaGate !

Yes, but he has to close and reopen his browser (in order to flush sessions) to make it totally invalid.

(sorry for the late answer, haven’t got internet for two weeks).

always shows “Incorrect beta invitation code”

what can i do?

Check the rights of the folder your script is in.

Cool dead demo.

Thanks for the heads up! It is now updated and running again.

Every time I try to check this out, it doesn’t work.

Your beta code is invalid… :(

the demo generates the same key all the time that is normal?


I purchased and installed the script. When I add “include(betagate.php) in particular given page to protect it, the script does not work. I have to add it to the main page. Is there any solution to protect only a given page?


Hello benos1, and thanks for purchasing.

A few checks:

  • Is the relative path to the betagate.php file correct?
  • Do you have an error showing up on the page/in the HTML source of your page?
  • Are you putting exactly the code <?php include('betagate.php'); ?> in the file you want to protect?


— Artemis


Thanks for your answer.

All of this works well.

What I wanted to do is to position <?php include(‘betagate.php’); ?> in a certain place of a given php code to secure a certain page. This works too (I see the script’s screen). However, when I enter the key, the script directs me to the root page of the website, not to display the secured webpage.

Any idea to implement this with the script?

Thanks for your help !


Any help please? Thanks a lot!

Hello !

I’m interested about your plugin, but is it possible to use it with a wordpress website ?


Hello, I want users to request for invitation code. Is it possible?

Anything else gonna happen with this script?