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Can i add other fields and they populate the CSV file…

in other words, can i add a “Phone” field, and it be included in the CSV file with the name and email?

Hi Cliffmusic,

You can definately add extra fields to form and link those with the CSV file. It can be a little tricky though if you don’t code

To do this you will have to add a new html input element to the index.php file where the rest of the form is (about line 90), add the new field variable to the AJAX post in index.php (line 46). Then within submit.php collect the new variable it to the fields submitted to the CSV (line 34).

If you’re really stuck on this I’m happy to help some more via email – support@go1.com.au

Hi gostart,

I’ve been using your script as a beta sign up page for a bit and would like to make a couple of changes.

Basically, I’ve added some checkboxes to the form and I’m trying to collect the values. I’ve updated the code as you mentioned in a previous comment, but all that is written to the file is “Array”.

Could you offer some guidance on how to accomplish this?


Hi jlcreel. The data input from checkboxes is a bit different to a standard field. This is because a checkbox can have a multitude of boxes checked, whereas a normal field would only have one value. The returned result is therefore put into an array so that a number of fields can be saved into one value.

You can get them to print as a string (and appear correctly in a single field) by using php’s implode function.

ie. $checkbox_string = implode(’, ’, $_POST[‘checkbox_id’]);

Or similar depending on the variables you’re using…hope that helps!

Demo down?

Seems like no more support for this?

Demo down

Hey all,

The Demo is back up now, unfortunately had to do a host migration of the demo due to some issues we were encountering with the previous host.

Very sorry for the inconvienience but I’m definately still here to support :)



How would I disable the email input? meaning there would just a Name area and a submit button?


Hi Mike,

Two steps to this. 1.) You have to remove the div for email input on the index.php file. 2.) You have to remove the error checking (if statement) from line 39-49 on the submit.php file.

Be careful as you only want to remove the php if statement code and error check on submit.php – if you hit trouble please let me know.

Cheers, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

I’m just waiting for a reply on the email I sent you.



Still waiting guys.

Hi there Question 1: Is this a stand alone or an i place this inside my Joomla website as an iframe or something? I’d like to incorporate it inside the website somehow.

Question2: Once the email is placed in and it shoots to the next thank you screen, can i put a custom link in there for a free music download type thing… so to clarify, i would want a click-able link that will lead them to another part of the page.


Can the background be changed in the Interface ?


The script does not check for valid characters in the email addresses like , .com, .net, etc., so if I enter example and hit submit, it still shows a success message.

Is there something I am missing here or need to add?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, I would like to use this plug in as a way to enter my site. I want to do a black friday special and would like to collect emails before they can enter the site. Is it possible to link the submit button to the homepage?


can you teach me how to use it in my html file? thanks

Hi gostart,

i just purchased this item because i have to urgently get a simple contact form up for a client that needs it working tomorrow night…i uploaded it to our server, but the name field won’t show…i made sure the parameter is set to “1”, but still no go: http://www.ciranova-na.com/form/

what could be going wrong here? he is hosted at bluehost, who have PHP v5.2.17 running, but i also tested it on his other server, with v5.3, and also it doesn’t show.

i’m really in a bind here, because tomorrow some 70,000 postcards will reach his customers, that will include a link to this contact form.

what to do?

PS: i loved how the script worked on the codecanyon server, because we need to collect the names and email addresses of potential customers for him…i’d really appreciate it if you could help me get this working by tomorrow night (tuesday 01-08-2013).

here’s to hoping…


I need visitors to my web page enter their email before entering my website I can do that when people enter your mail redirected to my website?


www.domain.com redirect when when people enter your mail www.domain.com/home

Than You,


Hi guy’s,

What means “undefined” ? (csv file)



with the name field set to “1” it wont appear, and I am getting the name field in the csv file as “undefined”, I have done a fresh install but this is still occurring, I would like the name field visible, can you help me please?


Re: my above message, the solution is to replace

$name = $_REQUEST[‘name’]; (on line 3 index.php with..)

$name = $name = 1;

The source files need an update if you don’t mind me saying ;)

Hello, Just purchased the plugin for my wordpress site. Tried to upload on the plugin, but there is an error: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Unrar the plugin but but still cant upload. Would you share with me how to install this plugin on my wordpress site. Thank you.

What are the dimensions of the splash page?

hi! could you make it a responsive form, where it looks good on any devices? thanks!