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Hi jaronsofts, I am also interested in your demo. EMail: laurent[at]bcsirt.fr Thank you

Hello! I want to buy.

I can not view the demo site.

That guy is selling 50$ something that is already ready… I will try to fix it by my self and all of us we can make a skype group so to help each other…Who want to give me his email to make a skype group?

To make the script working you need 3 things..1) ENABLE THE CRON JOB..If you don’t enable the cron job it will not work..2) CHANGE PERMISSIONS AT CONTROL PANEL FOR USERS (TO LET THEM POSTING TIPS) 3) It got some bugs like when you posting a tip gives error ( http://www.stathischristodoulou.eu/tips.zip ) download that file and it’s a fix . DO not buy a script from anybody. I already bought this script why i have to give again 50$ for something that is easy to get fixed? If anyone wants to talk with me let me know

Hello guys, can anybody please help me with bet_events module… I really need it, I accidentally deleted that module…

Please Jaronsofts, I also need a fix on my site contact me on talk2unanka@gmail.com

@aelgate3 I have done as you said and used you fix too but its still not posting. Plz can you give us your skyp. Id

hi guys, have you created a skype group? anybody can help me to fix? i read that you have fixed it. thanx.

@aelgate3 i have applied your suggesions but it still does not work. can you please help me? mozdilek1@gmail.com

@yk_wordpress , hi mate, i could not find your e-mail address? how can i connect to you? thanx.

Please you guys should be careful with this guy called jaransofts. I paid him for the fix, he just copied files from futbolik that is not working and sent to Mr. I have been emailing him for days now without any response. Don’t do any business with this or if you must do, insist that he fix your site before you psy. I trusted him with my money but he disappointed me. Codecanyon beware of jaronsofts, he is complete fake

hi guys @kibbkibb is another fake people here. Kibet Hillary <kibethillaire@gmail.com>

i have read his message here as below; “kibbkibb 7 months ago Flag if you need to fix any error in this script, please feel free to email me, i will fix all the bugs for you free of charge…....Email: kibethillaire@gmail.com

even he says free of charge he requested me to pay 30 USD. then i paid. he said it takes anout 30 minutes but 1 day passed. anything happened. he also does not know any coding or panel control. i requested him to set up the xrtipt. he said ok but nothing happened, he coudl not. he wanted me to upload the files because of he has mobile internet :)) then i have uploaded 3 times his files.

nothing nothing happened. and so , i was angry and requested my money back. then he wanted me to pay 10 USD more :))

stay away from him.

What i understand is, script is not working and everybpdy is liar here or tricking someone.

Can you guys drop the problems each of you are facing with this script. I think i got it working see my site betgold.com.ng

hi @icoify i have uploaded the files and created the database. authorization is ok. but below error message , what i see.

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: third_party/MX/Base.php

Line Number: 55

also, if you give me your e-mail address. i can pass you the passwords and you can check.

thanks in advance. my e-mail is : mozdilek1@gmail.com

The error is the database. Go to the application folder, open config and edit the database.php file. Change the database username, password and database to the one you created in your cpanel. That’s all

thanks for the replt,mate. i did it but it does not work. could you please check,if i sent you the details? appreciated.

The truth is that that is not the only problem with the script. If you pass that stage you meet more in front

Anyone that want me to fix this script should contact me but payment is going to be through an Escrow system. I finish the job, you pay me

Mozdi. I am far better than you and jaronsoft. My site is working right now perfectly www.betgold.com.ng yours is not. I fixed mine. My identity is not hidden jaronsof is hidden. You can check my Facebook page Facebook.com/icoify . you claim I no nothing and you that know it all is lost. I spent a whole lot and you want it free. Jaronsoft request for money before fixing and I agreed to fix before payment but job has to be via escrow. Is that not fair enough. Plz guys am I not fair enough to Mozdi

from: Okwuokei Christopher <icoify@yahoo.com> reply-to: Okwuokei Christopher <icoify@yahoo.com> to: Mustafa Özdilek <mozdilek1@gmail.com> date: 7 March 2017 at 13:26 subject: Re: about the script mailed-by: yahoo.com Signed by: yahoo.com encryption: Standard (TLS) Learn more Okwuokei Christopher 13:35 (0 minutes ago)

to me English Dutch Translate message Turn off for: English Your original is not still working. The login is broken. I can fix this for you. you pay $30 after the job but i will start the job on escrow if you want but your event menu might not be loading coz i still have problems fixing my event page.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017 11:29 AM, Mustafa Özdilek <mozdilek1@gmail.com> wrote:

mate, i have uploaded the original one. version 1.1

what do you mean as update? i did not understand.

very very strange.. this “icoify” has written that “jaransofts” is aliar but he does not know anything and also request 30 USD for helpin :D

hate this shit.

I realy don’t get why do you have to pay another 30,40 or 50 dollars to get this script from someone else while the original author who spent months coding is selling at $20… And why do you have to buy someone else’s code from cartels???

If you need to buy code buy it from codecanyon.net…

I have seen and tested this code and if you are a programmer then nothing is wrong with it, just follow this steps and you will succeed. 1. If you are getting “unknown fieldlist results” the create that column in respective table 2. For the system to work and get odds automatically you need to initiate Cronin on your server(cpanel) then change system and application path. 3. You also need to change bet_events_model.php file to start downloading and parsing of data to your Db….

THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED, simple and clear

STOP PAYING MONEY TO CONMEN BUYING codauris’s script at an escalated price only to realise you are buying another trouble….

If you can’t still understand how to fix

Find me on whatsapp +254714380009 if you bought this script here at codecanyon but you have those problem

But you need to have a good hosting plan because when the system start parsing data to the database you server will stop working if you are having this cheap hosting plans,.... Or you will need to optimize your script