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Discussion on Support System-Live Web Chat & Client Desk & Ticket Help Desk

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GeorgePL Purchased

Hello, please address this report # TFDADF73B-001-L1R. In the Apps Support system it appears as deleted and I cannot follow up with you there. In my email you told me that you needed 5 days to help me with the problem of Stripe not works well with my keys, but it does not allow me to make new tickets because it says that I have 2 open, however they do not appear.

Please attend to this ticket and the help, because I already posted them 2 weeks ago and I have not had a response from you.

Thank you so much.

Please fast support to : TD726A20A-002-VAZ Thank


GeorgePL Purchased

Hello, I have a some problmes with my installation, please. My Tickets are:

  1. TFDADF73B-002-QDH Please Helpme to Enable Payment with Stripe
  1. TFDADF73B-001-L1R Problem with register in



GeorgePL Purchased

Hello, Could you answer for here or in support system for my troubles ? Is Urgent. 3 days ago I did ask for help! Way you do not answerme from others querys previous ones that were made weeks ago (look down in this comments for my account GeorgePL). What’s going on?


GeorgePL Purchased

Hello !!

I have been needing your support for a few days but I have no response. My problem is with Stripe’s functionality.

With my stripe keys the payments on your demo site work perfectly

But in the new installation I did they did not work.

Could you attend to my request? It’s been several days without a response and it’s urgent for my site. Ticket # TFDADF73B-002-QDH



thiva7 Purchased

pre order question

Does have API support? i have another script and i want when new user registered to my site to call some API to create account in support system ass well , if not API available, some calling function work as well , will be in same server both scripts


You can use remote connect feature. its like sso, connect with your existing system. check this docs

Hello,I suggest a functionality or a custom implementation for me, please:

1.- That the categories and subcategories of the tickets (services) could be selected from the homepage, either displayed statically with direct URLs grouped in category-subcategory, or as a horizontal tab type menu (where the categories would be the left menu of the tab, and when clicking on each category will display the subcategories on the right, each one with its pasted URL to open the normal screen… /ticket/open.html).

2.- That each category or subcategory could be referenced from outside (for example from a external catalog of services in other page) with a unique URL given by GET parameters (/open.html?category=1&subcategory=5) to be referenced anywhere. For example: https://mysupportsite/ticket/open.html?category=1&subcategory=5

3.- That when opening the ticket in the way mentioned above, it continued checking for the user session login and when entering in open.html screen, the category no longer had to be chosen by a “select” way but that it already appeared fixed previously selected by the GET parameters and at the same time the custom fields previously associated with each category will appear usally.


My mail is

for direct contact.

Hello. Could you please put a new custom field per category, which allows collecting the ID of a “knowledge” so that when selecting the category in a ticket request it displays in his place a URL button that when clicked displays in a window of the browser (or a popup with scroll bars) the content of that “knowledge” ? Basically the functional requirement is that when users choose a support category they can click on a button called “Procedure” that appears dynamically, which would be a URL to the specific ID of the “knowledge” previously entered in custom-field addition.

Could you develop it for me as a special case and what would be the cost? My email is Thanks.

Thanks, Today I did builded this requeriment with one custom type.

I don’t need support, but just wanted to report that the website is not available as described in the documentation and therefore there is no possibility to translate the script.

Could you provide at least some source file or point to some other working site where the translation can be done?

Thanks in advance

It has the po file into the language folder

Ticket # TA52CD88F-001-C8D

Sir, I want to change the domain, and I placed another one, deleting the domain and program where I had installed it before, but now it does not allow me to install the license in the new domain, what can I do, because now to install the license in the new domain It asks me to remove it from the old site, but the old domain removes it.

Register and login in

You can do it by your self


Was there an auto update of the app. I can’t login as an admin or as a user. Also, the app is giving recaptcha error. I removed from database, but still does not allow me to login. Could you check please.

Open ticket in general category.. please provide temporary login info .


Replied please check


how long the new update will get release? latest release was more than a year ago

there are some reported bugs about more than half year ago on the ticket

in the mean time we have released many auto update to the app. Yes we have not uploaded that here but in app you should get that.

no there no a new update on the apps or in the codecanyon, latest version was 3.2.5 and that more than a year ago.

Hello, pre-purchase question: is user-side entirely translatable into another language? I had a look at the demo but I didn’t understand if I can edit the strings to be translated. thanks

you can use po editor to translate this.


mrbird Purchased

Why should I pay for support time if your system doesn’t recognize my purchase code? This is not support this is a basic question. And I need the answer fast. Since I can’t use the script despite buying it.


mrbird Purchased

Also, I bought the script here with a completely different domain than what is listed in your member area. The mail from the first installation is in there. Why is it transferred to you??? The domain is enough. And since the purchase key probably doesn’t match the e-mail address, nothing works. And I didn’t enter that. But you.


mrbird Purchased

Ticket ID # T3537DF38-002-S29


mrbird Purchased

Problem was solved. If you plan to move a domain, you must first deactivate the old domain before reinstalling it on the new domain.

Dear Support Team, Yesterday morning I wrote you a ticket with the ticket number ”# TF27D3229-002-RA7”, but I haven’t received a response yet. Please answer… that I can continue working.

Replied please check

I would like every ticket to be paid, I can do that with your platform?

No upgrade , No response. I think Support for this APp is not given now also application is abandoned

we are updating our this app, we will release it soon. If you have any question then please contact us at

Any plan for updates? prior to purchase

Any plan for update? specially the UI / UX design I like to buy the script multi times for multi projects , but waiting for the update.


JFOC Purchased


When you will support GA4 ? and when the new version release? I was waiting since the support still active until now still no update.

Last update March 2022 more than one year ago!

Support time expire please renew support—I will not renew the support there is no real support since the beginning.

Do we have any plan to upgrade to CodeIgniter 4

Please update its more then 16 days

Its 2 months no response


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