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Could you integrate hardware with this, like PayLeven or PayPal Card Reader?

Soory I have not any type of hardware now.

cool work very nice ! :)



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I do not see the HOLD functionality on the POS screen, can you add that as well?

can you tell which functionality want in POS screen?

Include 1. source code in (c#) 2. ms sql database backup and db script 3. documentation

also video available.


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HOLD functionality is a very popular feature to create an order and wait for the payment. The use case is, customer orders and it is entered in the POS and temporarily saved till the customer makes payment. The flow is Take Order -> Hold Orders (print order for kitchen) -> Take Payment. Do you think you can implement this function? It would make your product more efficient. I found a PHP based POS very interesting and will send you the link in PM. You have done a good work, thanks.

Thanks for it

I see hold functionality and reply you soon.

Is it ASP.NET MVC 4, 5 or 6?




How can one use this application in a real world setting? What are the benefits? If it is for selling to customers, how do customers make the purchase? Answering these type of questions could help me (and other potential buyers) understand better what the application is used for.


It simple point of sale application. It only for retail store. I am develop customer module (customer give order from customer panel) in next version. Also add holding module.


Hi it’s very good application but I prefer to get MVC version, is that possible convert your project to MVC application by following Microsoft document ? or if you can make it happen

thanks for it my all programmer busy in another product so we upgrade after some time.

Does can be installed on a linux webserver with php/mysql?

No. Install in window IIS server.

hi… we want to buy with codes please quote your best price.


shahid +971-502852760

Souce Code and database script include in download.

Is this WIndows sofrtware?

No, It Web Application.

in you guideline, will you separate product database for each store? can admin assign user to each store? if yes, when will you finish?


Product table is common for all stores. admin assign user to one store.

Greetings, Dear Concern, We want to buy with coding. Also please let us know the duration of License or Expiry after purchase?

THanks SHahid +971-502852760

coding include in download. it not expire.

in sql file (db.sql) , write AdvancePOS.mdf and AdvancePOS_log.ldf but doesnt have download file

check and reply you soon.

Source code in project folder.

when i click the module page , there is open the error page , Invalid column name ‘parentModuleid’. Invalid column name ‘id’.

I solved this problem , i changed in the sp_Modulelist store procedure , parentModuleid to ParentModuleID and id to ID

Could not find stored procedure ‘dbo.sp_SaleAdd’.

When i execute sql query db.sql , Msg 137, Level 15, State 2, Procedure sp_CategoryAdd, Line 89 Must declare the scalar variable ”@insertBy”. Msg 137, Level 15, State 2, Procedure sp_PurchaseAdd, Line 539 Must declare the scalar variable ”@insertBy”. Msg 137, Level 15, State 2, Procedure sp_SaleAdd, Line 640 Must declare the scalar variable ”@insertBy”. Msg 137, Level 15, State 2, Procedure sp_TaxAdd, Line 864 Must declare the scalar variable ”@insertBy”.

I solved this problem , i changed @insertBy to @InsertBy

Greetings, Dear Concern, We are leading service providing company in uae. We are looking for open source pos. Please let us know if you are providing complete source code with details of limitations.

With best regards, Shahid Jillani Wasi Tech Systems +971-502852760


souce code and documentation are include in download.

I am interested to buy your system, if we face any trouble whats your way to support. and if possible please send us your contact number / email address,

Prompt and courteous response will be highly appreciated.

With best regards, Shahid Jillani +971-502852760


thanks for it.

My email address is


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When I try to edit or change anything an error “disable change status in demo.!!!” is shown and changes not saved. I have changed GenerallHelper.cs “public static Boolean IsDeleteEnable = true; //if True delete enable”. Still it is showing same error. Pl let me know where I should change to start uploading logo and changes without error


Remove Code and try again if (GeneralHelper.IsDeleteEnable == false) { PnError.Visible = true; ltrError.Text = “disable delete action in demo.!!!”; return; }


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did you get a chance to add the HOLD feature and can it also support barcode reading? Please let me know if you can add those features or customize for me? Thanks.

Thanks for it.

But recently my team is buzy on another project so cant add this features and customize now.

Tell you later/


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I can not delete hold order ? how can I ?

You can customize it as per your requirement.


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Hi, I have purchased this item. I need to add a service item with no quantity. Please help me. Also I do not want to capture the userlog. Is there any way I can disable? When I update an employee role then other employee role is also getting updated (only on UI screen). Appreciate your help.


without quantity how to work Pos. i am checked in user update it working fine.


Hi does it comes with source code

Yes, It with Source code and documentation.