Complete Multi-vendor eCommerce - Mobile App, Web, Seller and Admin Panel

Complete Multi-vendor eCommerce - Mobile App, Web, Seller and Admin Panel

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Multi-Vendor E-commerce Futter Application


Flash Deal Features add
Update product details



User recommended product Features add
Also Dashboard Discount features added


Dark mood features implement 
Brand List and brand details update 


1. Gift card features implement
2. Gift card search and list update
3. Gift card filter update


1. Products add card features update 
2. Shipping address features update
3. Customer can new shipping address

02-02 2023

1. In LifeStyle Features , Seasonal Accessories features added 
2. Households features update 
3. Caming Features added

A multi-vendor eCommerce platform allows multiple vendors to sell their products on a single platform, rather than each vendor having to create and maintain their own separate online store. This can provide several benefits for both vendors and customers.

  • An ecommerce application is a software solution that allows businesses to sell their products and services online. Ecommerce applications can provide many benefits for businesses, including:
  • Increased reach: An ecommerce application allows businesses to reach a wider audience, as customers can shop online from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Increased sales: Ecommerce applications can help businesses increase sales by providing customers with an easy and convenient way to purchase products and services.
  • Cost savings: An ecommerce application can help businesses save money on overhead costs associated with physical stores, such as rent, utilities, and staffing.
  • Automation: Ecommerce applications can automate many tasks such as inventory management, order processing and shipping, saving time and reducing the need for manual labor.
  • Better data collection: Ecommerce applications provide businesses with valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing habits which can be used to improve marketing, product development, and other business processes.
  • Improved customer service: Ecommerce applications can provide customers with self-service options such as order tracking, returns and exchanges, which can improve the overall customer experience.
  • 24/7 availability: An ecommerce application allows businesses to operate 24/7, which can help to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to sell globally: By having an ecommerce app, businesses can sell globally, thus increasing the customer base, revenue and brand recognition

Onest Ecom [ Web, Admin Panel & App ]

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WhatsApp: +8801959335555

Web demo

App Login

Phone: 01903273865

Password: 12345678

App Demo

Special Features

    Instance Synchronization – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time.
    White-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.
    Great UX design – multi-level categories(horizontal, menu, side menu, card view, etc.), quick product filter, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history, Blog Detail screens- change to difference sexy blog detail news via the config file.
    Flexible Design System – easy to config the Homepage, Category, Blog with a bunch of built-in components: Banner Slider, Banner Grouping, Multi-Column product view, Tinder animate layout, Stack animate layout, SaleOff with Countdown, AppBar, Background, Instagram, Story, etc.
    Flexible Category List – ability to remap a new multi-category tree that is different from the backend site. (link)
    Multi Languages, RTL – switch or set the default language, auto-detect device locale, Language Picker, easy to add/edit/delete a language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Tigrinya, Kurdish, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazil, French, Thai, Russian, Poland, Serbian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Bengali, Swedish, Finland, Greek, Khmer, Marathi, Kannada, Czech, etc.
    Multi Currencies – easy to add/edit/delete a currency, switch or set default;
    Multi Payments – COD, Smart COD, Native payments {PayStack, PayTM, Paypal, FlutterWave, RazorPay, Mercado Pago, Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)}, WebView payment: your local payments, Guest Checkout, and Shipping.
    Barcode & QR code Scanner – for WooCommerce, helps users scanning the Barcodes or QR codes of a Product or an Order quickly, reliably, and by all means less time-consuming.
    Diverse Products – Upload File on product (for medicine store, to upload prescription); Digital/downloadable, Affiliate product, product Group (WooCommerce), Dynamic product Variant, difference type of Layout (Colors, Dropdown, Box), Product Images options.
    Discount – Coupon, Sale off with Countdown, Point and Reward
    Push Notification – via OneSignal, Firebase; Order Status Notifications, In-app notification, history messages.
    Social Login – easy to register or sign up (Apple, Facebook, Google, Email), SMS Login by Firebase auth, OTP Digits WordPress for SMS.
    Smart Chat – easy to chat with vendor/admin (Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone call, Gmail, etc.),
    Powerful User Setting – view WishList, Order Tracking, Rate App on app stores, Dark theme, Smart Chat setting, switching languages, enable push notification.
    Powerful Option Config – option to enable Guest Checkout, Require Login, enable Shipping, change currency format.
    WebView and Token – option to add a WebView page. User can access that page without re-login. Hide some webView UI.
    Google Analytics – easy to track the user online and number of registration via Firebase as the realtime.

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