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By using this can i make rest api for android and ios app development for any of my php/laravel/codeignitor project where i am using mysql ?

Yes, that’s exactly my own use case.


What does your code igniter system does? This library can be used to provide a RESTful API directly from your database.

What does your code igniter system does? This library can be used to provide a RESTful API directly from your database.

hi , why use amazon webservice ? is it possible to work on decated server ?

The documentation section about Amazon Web Service is just an example on how to deploy the API, it can definitely work with dedicated servers.

i have other query , is it possible to help us to make something like this ?

put_ product/{id}/category/{id1,id2}

i would like save 1 product have id, and save it save in 2 categories.

Yes, it is possible to do this.

can you make a sample or tutorial ? or help to make this ?

I can help to make this.

and other, can you help us and create with us an API ?

Yes, we do offer custom services like that. The first step would be to determine the scope of the project.

what is the phar file, is it encrypted ?

The phar file is simply the library packaged as an archive to make the installation easier.

hi there have only one file .phar in zip ? can you tell me where is document ?

The documentation is at

sorry but it’s document is very very light :-(

hi there have only one file .phar in zip ? can you tell me where is document ?

because it’s difficult to use it. there have nothing and all in phar file

If you need any help, feel free to email us

The Phar file or other part of your script is encrypted? Thanks for your reply,

No, the library is just bundled as a phar file.

hi how can i do this ? i don’t understand with light documentation how to done this

put_ product/{id}/category/{id1,id2}

I will update documentation soon to reflect this.

Thank you in advance

Hi. I would like to know how your api can be used. I have a native android app (a jokes app) and i am thinking of creating a website for the same. If i create a simple website which has all the jokes and then use mysql and your rest api.. will it work. I am sorry i am a newbie regarding this.

Yes, actually you will store the jokes in MySQL and then use the RESTful API to provide the data to both your native Android app and your website.

I am really interested in your program, however I have a few questions.

Is there any documentation on how to set up a mobile App using your system?



What device, coding language and/or framework are you interested in?

IOS – I want to get away from the HTML site streamed into my apps and get the CRUD functions to be native. Can this script provide that?

This script is only to provide the backend endpoints following REST standards. I will look into what library you can use to integrate the API into your iOS native app.

Is it possible to use it without Redis ? I intend to use mysql only

Do you have a tutorial on how to setup on a shared hosting server ?

You can use without Redis, if you look at the following tutorial,, in the section Services.php, you can remove the following line: $app->register(new \BeRest\API\Providers\RedisServiceProvider());

As for a tutorial on how to setup on a shared hosting server, you can use this tutorial:

Let me know if you need any help.

Hello, this seems to be a good php rest api. It even might be the best one here on codecanyon. But if you want to convince users buying it, maybe you should provide a small video showing setting up a demo api.

The documentation might be helpful for people already owning the api, but for potential customers it’s confusing. All the different code blocks, where to put what,...

In the end, Im looking for sth. taking work from me, so showing me how to get it running in 5 minutes would make me happy :).


Will look into positing a video for setting up a demo API.

I want to try using this on a shared host over at I also have a mysql hosted solution with that provider. A few questions before I try it out:

Since I can only install tools under my own site with ftp, would this scenario be suitable for your product? I’d like to avoid paying for AWS, etc all when a restful API is typically going to be a website.

I’d like to tie the API to specific application by creating a token so that the site will only respond to the app via a SSL request. Is that support baked into the product?

What is pricing if I want someone at BeRest to do the work? Since this is a premed solution, how much work would it be to have someone on staff perform any modifications to the API?

(or alternatively)

Are modifications to the API something that is easily accomplished?

I do not need mysql database support but I do want to understand the level of work required to implement the API.

Are any third party dependencies present? (I have very limited ability to install on a shared host)

Thanks for your assistance.

It is possible to set this up on a shared hosting as this library is only in PHP. It does not depend on anything else. It can also be deployed fully using only FTP.

It currently doesn’t support API key for limiting access to specific applications but we are willing to develop this. You can contact us via support for a quote on this.

It is quite easy to extend or modify the API as every classes can be extended.

Hi, I wanted to build my Restful for ionic2 framework to build mobile app for iOS and Andriod. Can this help me? what do i need to do after buying your code?

Yes, this is how we mainly use this. We have apps built using Ionic2 and our backend is built using this library.


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Any way to easily implement request limiting for users? Also, any suggestions on how to monitor usage by users?

We currently don’t have support for this but we could do it. Contact us through support to have a quote if you are interested.

i am not ise CI , i have core php projct can this framwork work for me to create api fast

If I buy the script, can I have the library files unpackaged? I mean, instead phar file. Thanks.

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!