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Nice work GLWS!!!


Loving how this works on my site Davidwalterhall.

Clever plugin, and a unique effect. Thanks!

Question…can you create a grid of different galleries with Bentobox? I’d like each image to lightbox to a different set of pictures to view. Thx.

Hi mamasoto. Yes, I think you could create say three or four separate galleries. The shortcode lets you set the width, so you could make them 50% or 33.33% of the container width and stack them up.

When I try to install this plugin I get a failure message. Please advise. I am just uploading the .zip file.

Hi Josh. Sorry for the delay in seeing this message. Can you send me an email via the support page? Please include a screenshot if possible of the error.

Hello, does this plugin use the native gallery function or are galleries created from the dashboard and dropped into place using shortcodes? Thanks in advance

Hi. Sorry for the slow reply. Only just spotted this. No this plugin uses a shortcode, and you simply place your images in between the opening and closing tags. Future versions may use the native gallery.

Yea great little plug-in works exactly as stated and results are great!

Just one question, is it possible to get it to load the images into a third-party lightbox instead of the built in one? I use Fancybox across my site and it would create a consistent look across my site if the same lightbox and styling was used.

Many thanks.


Hi Dave. I’m really sorry to have missed your messages. CodeCanyon was not sending me notifications and I can only apologise. I’m afraid the plugin in its current version only supports the built-in lightbox effect. It’s something I’ll look into for future updates. Can I help with anything else?

If you ever get round to adding support for a third-party lightbox please let me know. Thanks for the response.

Lets pray this one gets a more speedy reply: Allthough I love the simplicity of your plugin, I do notice some weird behaviour: It breaks up my design …..... even when the plugin is not active! Don’t tell me it’s designed to work on a single page with just this plugin?

Kindly look into this matter as I believe it is essential, right now am required to look for a alternative, so pls do hurry up. Thanks.

3 days and counting

Hi and apologies for not responding to your mesage sooner. CodeCanyon hadn’t sent me a notification until I received your direct message by email. I undertand that the plugin may not be compatible with every site and every combination of plugins. It’s a relatively small project and so these sorts of conflicts are sometimes unavoidable. I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you and I’m happy to offer a refund.

Please visit to request the refund and I’ll try to process it asap.