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Demo is not working.

Not a perfect solution but I have set the demo link to our own company’s site where we use the plugin.

Demo still not working!

Not a perfect solution but I have set the demo link to our own company’s site where we use the plugin.

your demo is down. I would love to see a demo of this!

Not a perfect solution but I have set the demo link to our own company’s site where we use the plugin.


I bought this yesterday and applied it to my website just today.

Everything is perfect. Now I have made some major changes on my behance profile. I changed the tabbing such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development etc. and I cleared the cashed using your plugin settings but it doesn’t seem to work.

My tabs are still the same from the old one. I also tried recreating my API thinking it would start a new connection but it didn’t change.

How can I make it so it just like loading the behance portfolio just like the way it loads at first. Like picking up the exact tabbing

PS. The tabbing I was talking about was the Creative Fields from behance.

I hope I could clear the cache and get the exact tabbing.



The tabs displayed in our plugin are indeed the creative fields. If it displays outdated data, could you please try using and use the “Clean Transients” options, then try your portfolio page again.

Whooo it worked! thanks :)

I have a question. Can i decide which project to publish on Behance and what not?

Unfortunately no. The plugin grabs all your Behance projects.

I’ve purchased this plug in, but when I activate it with all the behance info, nothings shows up. And I cannot get this plugin activation… please helpp !!!

Your support page is down. I can’t watch my tickets and replies. How am I supposed do solve my problem. Can I ask for a money refund?


Sorry to hear that your ticket went unanswered.

We’re undertaking some pretty big changes in our support management and the support site was moved somewhere else. While we migrated all requests to the new location, it looks like yours might have been missed. I am very sorry for that.

Please head over to and we’ll do our best to provide fast support this time around.

Best, Julien

I have opened and sent out two support tickets requesting you to correct the problem with my purchase license. However, for days now, I have not gotten any response from your support team. How do you satisfied your customers if you cannot response to a support ticket in a timely manner? This was my first time of submitting a support ticket. So far, my experience is not pleasant at all.

My problem is that, I have not been able to activate the plugin because the purchase license indicates as invalid.

Thanks for the update Julien, this is the email address on the account. Please let me know when the problem is fixed so that I could complete the process of activating the account.

Hello, you have not responded to the two tickets I informed you about. Please fix the problem with my purchase license, you’re delaying my work. Thanks


I did find ticket #83 on our support site that seem to be yours. However, you haven’t replied to the last agent question on your ticket which is why nothing has been done yet.

Hey there! Nice plugin- I’ve been using it for years now to bring in by behance items. You need to work on the speed- it’s pretty slow- it holds up the entire page from loading. Also, meta info for SEO would be nice as well.

Slow, Slow, Slow- Behance content loads first and then the rest of the page loads. There is no cache for images- images are pulled from Behance each time the page is loaded. This results in a very slow website. This should be fixed and images should be loaded from a cache- or an alternate loading feature that loads it after the rest of the page is loaded.


That’s indeed the problem when working with APIs: we’re subject to the server’s speed.

While Behance items are cached, you’re right about the images: they’re always pulled from Behance. Their servers being usually pretty fast is has never been an issue in the past.

Caching the images, while possible, would add a lot of processing work to the initial query, slowing things down even more.

Are you having this speed issue constantly or is it only temporary?

It’s also possible to create a custom template and use Cloudinary network to improve delivery.

Hi! I bought this theme a few days ago and the stylesheet is missing when I try to install it in Wordpress. Uploaded through FTP, zipped, unzipped, different file/folder names and configurations, nothing. Wordpress 4.5.2, should be fine. timtarnowski on Envato Market, already tried Behance, Themeavenue, and Envato support tickets/emails (honestly I’m confused as to who does what here, not sure who to contact), was told to try to find the theme author, was pointed here and


Hi Tim,

Please check ticket #97 on

Cheers, Julien

I have bought the plugin over a year ago, and I’ve noticed that there has been updates since. However, as I’ve updated my behance portfolio, I notice my site that contains the plugin no longer updates itself, and one of the thumbnails are not showing up. I’ve re-introduced the API key but the result has been the same. Can someone please let me know how to solve this issue? You can check my site here: (and the corresponding behance is Thank you in advance for the help.

Hi there,

Sorry we don’t do support in the comments.

Instead, please create a support ticket here

We’ll help you get this solved.


Item Purchase Code is not working ?

can you fix the ASAP

Why the purchase is failed? Can I have proper reason ?

I want to fix this immediately. iI can’t wait for your people for 1 week.

I do not recommend anyone to purchase any product from your company
Can you tell me for what reason did you pull out the WP Mobile Splash Page Editor plugin ? I have installed on my site and this plugin is not updated, I think I should get refund


I’m very sorry about WP Mobile Splash Page Editor. Of course I can tell you why it’s been pulled out. We simply did not have the time and resources to keep maintaining this plugin. Also, our parent company has closed down.

I realize this might be a frustrating situation. However, you still own the plugin, and it still works. You still have what you paid for, hence, a refund is not going to be possible.

Now, this thread is about the Behance Portfolio plugin and I’d like to keep it “clean”. If you’d like to add something, feel free to do so on our Facebook page (

Is this plugin work automaticly. Will this plugin update my website when I submitting project to behance?

Yes it does :)

Hi we would a specific filter to our project protfolio

For exemple we would on portfolio page ( a filter like this:

Line1: Filter 1 – Filter 2 – Filter 3 – Filter 4 – Filter 5 Line2: Filter A – Filter B – Filter C – Filter D – Filter E

For exemple: When we click on Filter 1, we have Filter A and Filter D When we click on Filter 2, we have Filter B and Filter C

When we click on Filter A, we have Filter 1 and Filter 4 When we click on Filter C, we have Filter 2 and Filter 5

The page you mentioned is 404. Anyhow, the feature you requested is not available in our plugin.

Hi there, I’ve been using your plugin since 2015. But today when I’ve tried to insert again the purchase code for update it does not accept it. How so? Could you please advise? Thanks

Hi there, sorry about that! Does that prevent you from using the plugin?

I purchased a license for Behance Portfolio for Wordpress yesterday, January 25, 2017. When entering the Envato License number into the Plugin Validation field, i receive an error,

Validation of your Envato purchase code failed.

Please provide me with a working license number or a complete refund.

It’s been 6 days since I filed this issue. I’ve also sent a message via the ThemeAvenue Author page on Envato. No response.

I am disappointed with the lack of responsiveness and the fact that I still cannot use this software. I will continue to seek a refund until you rectify this situation.

Your demo is broken. Can I have an external link in a lighbox? Do you have hover effects collection? Thank you.

where to see the demo link?