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Can it be used as HTML5/Javascript on a HTML webpage ?

Hello, No, this one is a WordPress plugin, we’ll consider to release HTML version in the future. Thanks!

Hi< preview is not working. Message “Error establishing a database connection”

Hello, oops, fixed :) Thanks!

Hi, Does it have mouse hover automatically to sweep or just clicking?

Hello, at the moment it has to be dragged,next release comes with hover over. Thanks!

Hello, glad you like it. Thanks!


After 6 months support, the futures updates are free ?

Hello, Yes, I believe so. IMHO support means answering questions, updates should be always available. Please double check it with Envato. Thanks!


I bought your plugin and I found a bug. At the first visit on the page web, the 2 pictures are one under the other, and when I refresh the page, it works ! Why ?

Hello, because we don’t know exactly what causes issue with your theme there’s no guarantee it will work. Some themes like Salient for example has no issues what so ever with this plugin with page transition and ajax redraw mode active. I can give you few snippets that may (or may not) work for you.. you can create redraw function as follows:
function wmgBaLayout(timeout) { setTimeout(function(){ ... },timeout); }
inside this function you can try to do one of the following:
or combination of above. to catch document ready use this:
$(document).ready(function(){ wmgBaLayout(1500); });
Hope it helps. If you need more help please contact us directly via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!


I tried the code: $(document).ready(function(){ wmgBaLayout(1500); });

And it works !

Thank you to arrange in your future update.

For information, my theme is Bridge


In fact, it works because your code disabled my function ajax of my theme, so it doesn’t works…

I am considering purchasing this but need to know one thing. Can the order of the images in the slider be changed? I am currently using another B&A slider that works great but the order cannot be changed and it is a real problem.

Hello, Yes, you can easily change order of the pictures in the slider. Thanks!

YAY! Thanks. Sorry to tell the other plugin developer that I cannot wait around for making that sort of important change. i need this now. Moving over to this one. thank you!

You’re welcome! Each image in the slider has it’s own section. There’s arrows (up and down) at the end of each section, should be very easy! Thanks!

I just purchase this, I need the stand alone example, as I am not using word press, can you provide html with all the JS for stand alone slider? Thanks

Hello, Before-After MultiX Slider is a wordpress plugin, it was designed and written from scratch specifically for the wordpress and it is not based on any other slider therefore there’s no stand-alone HTML/JS files can be provided. With the bit of programming knowledge you can still get all those files from the plugin itself by removing PHP part. Hope it helps. Thanks!

I can’t see the demo on Yosemite and W10 with Chrome. Do you guys have another demo on other site?

Hello, demo on our site should be visible on most devices and all modern browsers, please try to remove envato market frame, this may help, also make sure your browser has been updated and has javascript support. Thanks for your inquiry.

one of the guys in office just purchased this app. but we do not have a word press site. Can I call it in php of html page or did we just waste 25 bucks?

Hello, it’s clearly stated that this is a wordpress plugin, if you need it to run on pure php you’ll need to remove all wordpress related code. You may consider to install wordpress, it’s free application, there’s a lot of controls in the Multix Slider that makes it cool but all those controls and options only possible with wordpress, if you remove wordpress code all options will be gone and you’ll have to recreate it somehow to make slider functional. Thanks!

Is there any particluar way to choose what part of the image is shown in the sliders. if you go here: http://curatemy.life/take-a-peek/ it does not show the key person of focus in the image. Also when the page loads, it loads again with the correct format. What is causing this? Cheers

Hello, I’ve noticed unusual slider behaviour on your site. If all images uploaded correctly it must be theme or some other plugin that causes this unusual behaviour like image morphing (zooming), etc… Try to revise your plugins and maybe try to adjust theme options to disable zoom on all images blog-wide otherwise you may try with another theme if not critical. If you need more assistance please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!

You may need to use custom css to disable image morphing (zooming, etc) blog-wide.


roguey Purchased

Does this work with Divi?


The plug in is not working, have used it on Avada and other top themes.

Photos appear side by side not overlapped with your plugin slider.

I want a quick fix or full refund.

site is http://curatemy.life/what-we-do/

Please check again. http://curatemy.life/what-we-do/ I have updated php.ini uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled- still issues.

Still waiting

Hello, this issue may be caused by number of things. First of all please check for all JS errors, there’s at least one JS error I see caused by one of your plugin “WP Estimation Form”, not saying that this plugin causes the conflict but is good to check and solve it anyway. JS errors is most common cause of issues. After that please check if your theme uses pages animation, this may cause issue as well. Hope it helps. Anyway, this issue is very specific to your particular installation, please contact us via contact form on our profile for further assistance if needed. Thanks!

Thanks heaps. I cleared the JS error and working great now,

Can this be used as a slider, as in with multiple sets of before/after images? If so, does it work in mobile? Do you also have a demo of this? Thank you!

Hello, no, it can only be used as a before/after slider with multiple images. Yes it does work on mobile devices. Link to demo is available on the plugin landing page. Thanks!

Hi there,

I generally like the plugin, a good set of options, a decent look and so forth. From the user perspective, though, the sliders aren’t that smooth. It seems like it’s not hardware accelerated or something. I ain’t a developer, so I can’t talk about the technical terms, but from trying different sliders, I can tell that this one has a lower FPS/drags more/is erratic. The issue is more prominent with multiple sliders on a single page, which is my use case.

Could you explain if you have anything in the pipeline in order to address this? Or if there’s anything I can do to optimise the experience?

Thank you, Emil

Hello, this plugin uses basic hardware acceleration but at the moment we don’t include optional lazy load that makes images appear only after slider is fully loaded. If you want to make it load faster it is suggested to use optimized images to display with this plugin. Also if you use multiple sliders on one page with big number of images it may slow down the load and may make control lines move not that smooth. As you may see on our demo we use 3 sliders on one page with 4, 3 and 2 images each, first slider uses really big images but there’s no real issue with speed or smoothness of the controls. It may be also something else that delays controls on your page, try to use firebug or similar browser plugin to see what may cause this behaviour. If you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help. Thanks!

Haha, nice plugin. Madness – with all the sections you can make – but quite fantastic and unique (I’ve tried some others, none had the option to add so many different sections).

Bookmarked :)

Oh and to the last user, is this in Firefox? I noticed with most sliders (though not so much with these) that FF is much worse in smoothness than Chrome or Safari.. I haven’t figured out yet if it’s FF on its own or only because of certain extensions (or certain amount of extensions)..

Hello, glad you like Multix Slider! We’ve designed really good before-after slider, there’s no other similar plugins that can compare multiple images and there’s some cool options that other sliders doesn’t have. As of FireFox, yes, it’s performance is bit lesser comparing to Chrome and Safari. Two latest browsers uses different rendering technology, they also utilize better hardware acceleration. Thanks!

Good Morning. I have a problem with the plugin. In some of the galleries when I click the mouse on the separator line, the screen jumps and lose the image.

I leave a link for you to check with the gallery at the end. It is a test page.

www.estudiointeriorismo.com/entra Once inside, click on “página de prueba” on top menu

Thank you.

Hello, just visited your site and tested the slider but I didn’t have any issues.. I clicked multiple times on separators on all 5 sliders you have. Word of advise in case issue still exists, please clear your browser cache, that may help. Another thing, you may also play with the settings and choose different separator behaviour. As you have multiple sliders combined with stand-alone images, please check wordpress page code, you may need to clean it up, make sure that all coding elements formed properly. Hope it helps! If you still experience an issue we are here to help! Please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!


I sent you a private mail with a link for you checked my problem of loading of your plugin, but no answer …

I have the same problem since the start and you aren’t help me !

Help me please !


Ok, I hope to have your solution today.

Thank you

I’m not very happy… I still have not received your mail

Hello, we can not replicate same issue on any themes we have, this issue is quite unique to your theme, we still looking for the solution or workaround, you’ll be notified. Thanks!

Hello. I’ve just bought this plugin. It works fine! I have just one question: is there a way to “collapse” all the separators on the right or on the left (or up or down if vertical) instead of splitting the image in equal parts? Thanks

Is this item’s support still active?

I guess not.

Your “Before-After MultiX Slider” is just what I was looking for. Thanks for a great plugin. The only issue I’m having is the “hover” option. When my mouse hovers and moves right, the divider moves left; and vice versa: when my mouse hovers and moves left, the divider moves right.

Can you help me resolve this? Thanks!

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