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The site where the documentation is housed is out of service. Where can I find documentation for this plugin?

Hi Bytesize,

Sorry for this, you just hit the site when we had a small maintanence window. 5 minutes later it should have been there again.




(Or you just clicked the only link in the description we forgot to change to the new url)

Fantastic Support, a great plugin and a developer that is down to earth and quite helpful! Thanks Adrian!

Hello Ken,

Thank you.

Does this plugin work with AJAX loading?

The page. Right now I have an image comparison Visual Composer element which works when the page is loaded in a normal fashion but fails when that page is loaded via AJAX (built in the theme). I was told that the code only initializes stuff when the DOM is ready and fails to recognize when AJAX loaded the data. (I’m not a web developer. :) Now I’m looking at alternatives.


You will have the same issue with our plugin.

Generally my recommendation is to disable such AJAX loading of pages, as this may problematic with other plugins/functionality as well.

That’s too bad. Thanks anyway.

I’m trying to find an image slider that can work for product images. Will this work for that?


What exactly do you mean? 

You can select [manually] any image and show it. But the slider doesn’t support plugins like WooCommerce directly.



hi – is there a way for me to increase the font size for title?


Yes and no. 

No. The plugin doesn’t provide an option for this.

Yes, you can use custom CSS for this. Most themes just have some “User CSS” or “Custom CSS” section anywhere within their options.

I’ve created a demo (at the bottom “Alter title”): https://www.moewe.io/demo/before-after-slider-wordpress/demos/customization/changing-colors/

Hope this helps,


Does this plugin also do vertical reveals? Looks like all the reveals are horizontal. Looking for one that does vertical as well. Thx!

Hi design126,

Currently not. 


Hi design126,

Currently not. 


Hi there, this plugin looks really nice, but I don’t see any option for multiple options. Let’s say that I have 10 images, 5 of them are before and another 5 are after. There is no control to put them in the same slider. How do we do that? I just found other and support that. Does yours support this feature?

That’s not good. Aren’t you planing on supporting this? I am sorry, but this kinda of useless. Didn’t think about multiple images? This is a gallery. The rest of the plugin support that, but lack of slider control. But you do have a nice slider control, not for multiple images.

I’m sorry, but our plugin is not a gallery, it is a slider for 2 images.

We already have such ideas on our feature list, but unfortunately currently no funding for this. 400 sales is not a lot, compared from what you get from it (Envato).

No problem. Thank you.

Hi, is there any known incompatibilities with avada theme? tnx

Hello radionica_ri,

Not known. You may just try the lite version before buying the premium one.


I have been trying to get this to work for 2 days. I always end up with a big white blob, no pictures or content. Extremely disappointing.

I am using WordPress 4.6.1 and visual composer. First I tried using the automatic code generator. Nothing, just a big white blob. Then I tried manually writing the code. Same results.

Uninstalled, reinstalled, changed images.

Very very dissapointed.

EDIT: OK so I figured out that it only gives me a big white blob when I use the overlay function (the function that I wanted this for). Extremely frustrating, it works unless I use the overlay option.

Thanks. Everything works now except for “hover”. Hover does not work unless smooth is also active, which I would prefer not to use. Any suggestions?


I thought I already send you a reply to your mail. Sorry.

Can you please create a demo page with only the “hover” effect applied? Maybe it is just another theme conflict.

Also please try to put a whitespace before and after hover, like ” hover ”. There might be a problem with this.




The extra space worked. Thanks very much. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Hi, A pre sale question: Could you please let me know if this plugins works correctly with enfold theme? As >Enfold has his own page builder. Thanks !

Hello Gzelasco,

Sorry for the late reply.

Generally it should work, but you have to use the shortcode then (no extension for the page builder for Enfold).

You may try the lite version first.




we have gallery page. http://visibleone.net/easy-connecthk/gallery/

we want each gallery image with before and after Image slider effect. Can it be?

Can link each effect gallery image to other page?


Hello, you may add multiple sliders into you content. But you can’t create such a gallery grid automatically using our slider.


Hi :-) Great plugin! On mobile,,, can the handle be made taller? It’s a tad small to grab on to. Any CSS for this? Thx! J

Hello J,

You can use some custom CSS to change the handle on different screens. I’ve created an example for this: https://www.moewe.io/demo/before-after-slider-wordpress/demos/customization/large-handle-smaller-screens/



Perfect, thx!!! :-)

Hi :-) Can a separator line be turned on? To accent the line between the two images? Lined up in the center, with the handle? Thx :-)

FYI, i see this showing on your “overlay” sample. I do not want to move the handle over the images,,, but i do want the line to show, over the images. Thx :-) J