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Ok. Sorry, the bad ranking was not intentional, i just cleared.

See this example (its working with the keys):

You will see the slider in a left column and a simple text in the right one.

Even if Bee3D wasn’t on the page, your `.card` still wouldn’t have its text on the right.

With flexbox, everything under a parent with `display: flex` should have a `flex` css property too. In order for your `#card-img` and `.card-content` to be two equal columns, they must both have `flex: 1`.

Altho, I’d advise you have a `min-width` on your `#card-img` element. The flexible `.card-content` will fill in the remaining space.

So, if you don’t want perfectly even columns (looks funny imo):

.card {
    padding: 200px 10px;

#card-img {
    flex: none; /* this is default */
    min-width: 620px;

.card-content {
    background-color: cornflowerblue;
    flex: 1;
    z-index: 1;

We tested what you sent but anyway, as you can see: This slider is not responsive, it’s using an unique “zoom” ti resize, it doesn’t have a normal behavior in a container ti be positioned, and does not work in Firefox. We cant use it. The best is a refund and thanks a lot for your support.

You don’t have to use `zoom`. There are many options. Please see this thread for more:

I advise you go with Option #2 (apply `transform: scale()` on your `#card-img`).


sccr410 Purchased

Coverflow isn’t working in Safari, the non-active items are visible on top of the active slide.

Hi there! Unfortunately this is a Safari bug & I’ve been tracking this issue on their forums. I’m going to update Bee3D as soon as they’ve released a fix :)

Here’s a relevant link to our GitHub support area: -


SickyAz Purchased


I recently purchased the Bee3D slider, and about to implement it into my website, however i really like the layout of the “Arc” slides (images) but is it possible to have the images in a straight line (or better, have the left and right images centred vertically), rather than bending downwards. But keeping the image sizes of the left 2 and right 2 (gradually getting smaller)


Hi, thanks for your purchase!

Sure, definitely possible! The effects are controlled purely via CSS transformations. So you can get in there & edit/add effects without interfering with or disrupting the core plugin itself.


SickyAz Purchased

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Hi there, not sure what happened to your comment, but I can still see it from my email.

I checked out the link, and Bee3D slider appears to be working just fine there. It’s other parts of your site that are struggling. It looks like server issues.


SickyAz Purchased

I fixed it! I tried to remove the comment as support was no longer needed.

Other issues is just me building it ! but thanks


Can you review the compiled files? They do not work, it would be nice if you did not minify the examples. thanks!

Hi there, thanks for your purchase!

What do you mean they don’t work? I just downloaded the ZIP from Envato and it works fine.

The source files are in “src” and are not minified. And examples’ source are found in “src/htdocs”. The built, production-ready files are in “dist”.

Hello Lukeed.

I have purchased the plugin, though my web developer is struggling to implement the plugin to the site without issues.

—3D Carousel not working properly, —Image are not adjusting. —Responsive not working, and swipe/drag not working

What is the best way that I can put him in direct contact with you to discuss and resolve these issues. Email, Telegram? etc

Hi Austin, thank you for your purchase! Those are all very doable. The download includes a link to a GitHub repo where your dev can open an issue (or search for previous answers) for help. Practically every developer has a GitHub account ;-)

Hello Lukeed, i just received the new Bee3Slider update and downloaded it (and re-downloaded it). None of the example files in /dist and /src/htdocs folders are working. The dist/index.html is not working as well. Everything is missing the stylesheets

Hi there!

The files inside src/htdocs aren’t supposed to work on they’re own. They’re actually not valid HTML.

And I believe you are trying to double-click the dist/index.html and/or dist/examples/*.html files. Am I correct?

You are supposed to run npm run serve or npm run watch. This starts up a small server. All file paths are found this way, so your examples will work. (I just tried it!)

It’s done like this because of the AJAX demos. AJAX doesn’t work unless there’s a server running.

Of course, you may alter the file paths for your own use and/or your own server. It doesn’t need to be like this—with the exception of AJAX. But, it is easier to develop this way!



Yes, I am a noob, and that’s why I buy stuff instead of making them ;)

Seems like the zip-file I got after purchasing this isn’t containing what it’s supposed to.

Documentation refers to a “build” directory with production-ready files, which I can’t find.

However it seems to contain examples, which all seems broken, and after following the samples in the documentation I can’t get anything to work, am I missing some content or does this require some other backend to work?

Hi there! Thanks for purchasing :)

That’s a typo, sorry. The “build” directory is now called “dist”—this will contain all the build, production-ready code. This means it is also minified!

If you want to browse or edit the source, then look at the “src” directory. Please keep in mind that “src/htdocs/examples” is not meant to opened on its own & instead, you should be running “npm run watch”.

No backend required. You’ve just mistakenly opened the wrong files. Don’t worry though, you’re not the first!