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Ok. Sorry, the bad ranking was not intentional, i just cleared.

See this example (its working with the keys):

You will see the slider in a left column and a simple text in the right one.

Even if Bee3D wasn’t on the page, your `.card` still wouldn’t have its text on the right.

With flexbox, everything under a parent with `display: flex` should have a `flex` css property too. In order for your `#card-img` and `.card-content` to be two equal columns, they must both have `flex: 1`.

Altho, I’d advise you have a `min-width` on your `#card-img` element. The flexible `.card-content` will fill in the remaining space.

So, if you don’t want perfectly even columns (looks funny imo):

.card {
    padding: 200px 10px;

#card-img {
    flex: none; /* this is default */
    min-width: 620px;

.card-content {
    background-color: cornflowerblue;
    flex: 1;
    z-index: 1;

We tested what you sent but anyway, as you can see: This slider is not responsive, it’s using an unique “zoom” ti resize, it doesn’t have a normal behavior in a container ti be positioned, and does not work in Firefox. We cant use it. The best is a refund and thanks a lot for your support.

You don’t have to use `zoom`. There are many options. Please see this thread for more:

I advise you go with Option #2 (apply `transform: scale()` on your `#card-img`).


sccr410 Purchased

Coverflow isn’t working in Safari, the non-active items are visible on top of the active slide.

Hi there! Unfortunately this is a Safari bug & I’ve been tracking this issue on their forums. I’m going to update Bee3D as soon as they’ve released a fix :)

Here’s a relevant link to our GitHub support area: -


I recently purchased the Bee3D slider, and about to implement it into my website, however i really like the layout of the “Arc” slides (images) but is it possible to have the images in a straight line (or better, have the left and right images centred vertically), rather than bending downwards. But keeping the image sizes of the left 2 and right 2 (gradually getting smaller)


Hi, thanks for your purchase!

Sure, definitely possible! The effects are controlled purely via CSS transformations. So you can get in there & edit/add effects without interfering with or disrupting the core plugin itself.


SickyAz Purchased

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Hi there, not sure what happened to your comment, but I can still see it from my email.

I checked out the link, and Bee3D slider appears to be working just fine there. It’s other parts of your site that are struggling. It looks like server issues.


SickyAz Purchased

I fixed it! I tried to remove the comment as support was no longer needed.

Other issues is just me building it ! but thanks