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Hello! I’m very interested in buying this plugin to use the Arc effect. I just have 2 questions: I tried the demos in MSIE11 but they’re not working; and in iPhone, it generates an horizontal scroll :( Are you aware of these bugs? and finally, do you know if anyone has been able to implement it on drupal? thx in advance!

Hi, thanks~! It actually works in IE11—I just have a poor demo that I’ve been meaning to upgrade. The demo uses a custom element, which does not work in IE11 and a fair number of other browsers:

I did not know this at the time of making the demo, but the GOOD NEWS is that the Bee3D code does not use custom elements. That’s specific to the demo only.

I’ve not used Drupal, but it’s just a CSS & JS file. As long as you can serve up assets, you’ll be able to use Bee3D anywhere.


I have put in some custom css code with id’s for the slider and it’s not taking my styles that I put in. If I take out the id’s for the slider containers they work fine. Is there a work around? I need to have two separate slider styles for mobile and desktop versions.


Hey there~! Are you sk8rboi7566 on GitHub? If so, I just left an answer for you :)


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Hello I bought your product but I unzip the files and open the folder dist but the slider does not work