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Hello do you have a demo app to let me test the game ? Thanks

Hi, it’s waiting for approval by Apple, should be available in 3 days.

Thanks will check it out

is this game works in iPad? Can you show me a screenshots of atlases?

What do you mean by that? There’re no graphics which include animations, like 10 frames per object. Bees require 3 versions for jump state, falling state and dead state. Other graphics are individual without animation frames.

For example: Bee jump state requires 5 animation frames, Can I make it just 4 or 3..?

Bee jump state requires only 1 frame same as falling state and dead state. There’s no way of changing it.

What is the language used in this game ? swift or obietive-c

Lua – game is made with Corona SDK.

you have code by swift language in this game bee jump?

Code isn’t written in swift or objective c. It’s written in “LUA” language. You need to install corona sdk as a separate application in order to compile lua code.

Can I export Apk From this code without buying Android version?

Some features won’t work. Android version is designed specifically for android and iOS version is prepared for iOS.

is there a tutorial? reskin whit xcode ??

How can I edit the cost coins for shopping other characters ?

open shop2.lua and find lines: 84, 103, 105. Change the value: “200+chosen*200” in each line

what is the frequency of the interstitial? I want to show interstitial every 3rd game over. Please help.

You can set minimum time which must pass to show the ad after game over. Open edit.lua and increase the value of the ad timer. Remember that 20 seconds = 20000

How to add In App Purchase ?

http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/iOS_tutorial.html Find the section connected with IAP. Adding something different than predefined IAP is more complicated and requires more code modifications.

How to add In App Purchase ?

Hi, how upload the Apple Store and Google Play, this project not .apk?

Please check it e-mail box.

From Apple 2. 1 PERFORMANCE: APP COMPLETENESS Performance – 2.1

Hello Ahmet,

Thank you for your resubmission and addressing the previous 3.1.1 issue. Upon further review, we discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.3.4 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network.

Specifically, the user is still unable to successfully complete purchasing an IAP item. Additionally, your app does not respond when the user select the Coin logo/feature that is located on the bottom right side of the screen.

Please refer to the attached screenshot for more information.

The steps to reproduce are:

1- Launch the App 2- Select the remove ads icon/logo 3- App starts the IAP process the app displays the following message; “Satin Alma Iptal Edildi”


1- Launch the App 2- Select the Coin icon that is located on the bottom right side of the screen 3- App does not respond

Next Steps

Please run your app on a device while connected to an IPv6 network (all apps must support IPv6) to identify the issue(s), then revise and resubmit your app for review.

If we misunderstood the intended behavior of your app, please reply to this message in Resolution Center to provide information on how these features were intended to work.

For new apps, uninstall all previous versions of your app from a device, then install and follow the steps to reproduce the issue(s). For updates, install the new version as an update to the previous version, then follow the steps to reproduce the issue(s).


For information about supporting IPv6 Networks, please refer to Supporting IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks and About Networking

If you have difficulty reproducing a reported issue, please try testing the workflow described in Technical Q&A QA1764: How to reproduce bugs reported against App Store submissions.

If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resources, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide: - complete details of your rejection issue(s) - screenshots - steps to reproduce the issue(s) - symbolicated crash logs – if your issue results in a crash log

I’m currently on vacations, I’m not able to help. I suggest creating a thread on corona sdk forums with this problem

HI, I when I build for iOS, it stuck at Adding Plugins for hours. Please help.

Both are latest version. Xcode Version 7.3.1 (7D1014), Corona Version 2016.2830 (2016.2.18)

I see “iOS sdk 9.3 beta” on the screenshot – this might be the problem. Change it to the newest version.

Corona latest version is 2016.2992 (2016.11.10), and there’s also Xcode 8